Monday, 6 February 2012 Needs You!

By Tom McDonald (2010): a reading and discussion of the concepts of movement-image and time-image as developed in the work of philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

Film Studies For Free is delighted to be able to introduce its readers to, a valuable, new, free, online resource for students, scholars and researchers run by those wonderful Film Studies folk at the University of St Andrews.
It is a database designed to facilitate ease of access to international networking and collaboration amongst people interested in Gilles Deleuze and cinema. The site contains a database of people and resources related to Deleuze and cinema (including TV, new media and visual culture). It enables discussion of topics of interest to its members, and disseminates announcements and news items.

The site is open access and its content available to everyone. Registered users can contribute content, build a profile for themselves, enter discussion, or post news items. We welcome participation from people all over the world in any language.

The updating of content relies on registered contributors adding information about ongoing work on Deleuze and cinema (their own work, or the work of others). We hope that those who are interested will join us! [site co-editor, David Martin-Jones]
So, Deleuzians (and Deleuzo-Guattarians) please join the fabulous, scholarly Crowd Sourcerors at! And also please feel free to enter, or revisit, all of the manifold Deleuze links that FSFF has gathered over the ages: one dedicated list of resources, numerous other Deleuze-filled postings, and even its latest link to philosopher Tom McDonald's brilliant video above.


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