Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Seventh Art: a video magazine about cinema

The Seventh Art: Issue 1, Section 2. A video essay on surveillance camera cinema: films made entirely out of surveillance camera footage. Essay written and edited by Christopher Heron and narrated by Amy Cunningham.

Film Studies For Free today brings you very glad tidings of The Seventh Art, an innovative, independently produced video magazine about cinema. It's of decidedly scholarly, as well as of general, interest.

The magazine will regularly have three sections:
  1. A brief profile of an interesting group/company/organization in the film industry (in Issue 1, there's discussion of the distribution company FilmsWeLike with its founder, filmmaker Ron Mann [In the Wake of the Flood, Comic Book Confidential]);
  2. A video essay (as embedded above);
  3. A long-form interview with a filmmaker (in this first issue, there's a substantial interview with Guy Maddin [Keyhole, My Winnipeg]) .
Given the quality of the first instalment, FSFF thinks it's going to be highly worthwhile following all future developments and offerings at The Seventh Art. So do make sure to keep a surveillant eye on its Facebook page (where you can access bonus video supplements), as well on its Twitter feed.

For more on Surveillance Film Studies do check out, if you haven't already, FSFF's very own scholarly links list.

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