Open Access Film E-books List

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  55. Langdon, Jennifer E., Caught in the Crossfire: Adrian Scott and the Politics of Americanism in 1940s Hollywood
  56. Lauwaert, Maaike, The Place of Play: Toys and Digital Cultures (Amsterdam University Press, 2009)
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  58. Leyda, Jay, Kino A History Of The Russian And Soviet Film
  59. Lisboa, Maria Manuela, The End of the World: Apocalypse and its Aftermath in Western Culture (Open Book Publishers, 2011) [Apocalypse Now and Again; The World Gone M A D ; Is the End Ever; Falling Out with Hal and Hester; Utopia at the End of this; Libera Me Domine De Vita Æterna]
  60. MacKillop, Ian and Neil Sinyard (eds), British Cinema in the 1950s: A celebration (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2003)
  61. Martin, Adrian, Last Day Every Day: Figural Thinking from Auerbach and Kracauer to Agamben and Brenez (Punctum Books, 2012)
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  65. Mittell, Jason, Complex TV (in progress ebook; Media Commons, 2012 onwards)
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  110. Zolov, Eric. Refried Elvis: The Rise of the Mexican Counterculture. Berkeley: University of California Press, c1999 1999

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