Thursday 15 September 2011

V.F. Perkins on FILM AS FILM

Victor Perkins discusses his ideas and approaches to film aesthetics

Film Studies For Free just got wind of the below videos: seven segments of a truly fascinating interview with V.F. Perkins which took place at the Kino 8 1/2 in Saarbrücken, Germany, and was filmed by Media Art and Design Studiengang.

In the interview, Perkins engagingly discusses his approach to film studies and, in particular, talks about the trajectory of his seminal 1972 book Film as Film. A wonderful resource.

And once you've watched the videos, make sure to check out the listings of links to some of V.F. Perkins work online at the very foot of FSFF's entry.


Surbhi Goel said...

wow!! thanks, Catherine.

D. K. Holm said...

Ann Lloyd's book is titled Movies of the Fifties, for those who want to go looking for it on Amazon.