Monday 30 November 2009

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On a rainy November Monday, Film Studies For Free is terribly proud to sing out about its 175th blogpost. To celebrate this randomly selected milestone, it presents a handy by-title index, in reverse chronological order, of its first 174 entries.

If you prefer not to be reminded of the appalling puns against humanity committed by some of these titles, or are irritated by their occasional vagueness, you might like to visit the tag cloud of entry keywords and proper names which you can find at the very bottom of FSFF's pages (scroll down and down and down again). Alternatively, try using the search box at the top left-hand side of the blog in order to locate specific links to free, online Film-Studies riches buried deep in the always unlocked vaults of this surprisingly loquacious and capacious website.

Obstinate Battles for Documentary Memory: Patricio Guzmán Resources Online

Happy birthday Albert Maysles! Videos and Other Links

Cinephilia celebrated and explored in IndianAuteur

'Imaginary and Fantastic': Hayao Miyazaki Studies

Participations: Studying Cinema Audiences

Storytelling sans frontières? On Adaptation, Remaking, Intertextuality, and Transmediality

Farewell to Summerisle: Wicker Man links in memory of Edward Woodward

The Man from Pécs: Béla Tarr Resources

Archives and Auteurs: conference papers online

On fans and fantasy: Matt Hills online

In-between-isms: Winnicottian film, media, and cultural studies

Follow-Friday Links Round Up

The Close-Up: Studies of Cinematic Attention, Emotion, and Intersubjectivity

New Brights Lights Film Journal

"Horror in Homeopathic Doses": Franju's Eyes Without a Face

Peruvian Cinema (in the age of transnational film finance)

Lastingly good work on Ephemeral Media

Sensing cinema: phenomenological film and media studies

Concordia cinema studies resources freely accessible online

Bellocchio, Bertolucci, Pasolini, Verga and beyond: Italian Cinema research from new look

Film International for free - Lynch, Kieślowśki, Gomorrah, Brokeback Mountain, Tearoom, and Caché

An Index to SCAN Journal of Media Arts Culture

Flânerie and (Post)Modernity: Links in memory of Anne Friedberg

Coming at you! 3-D Studies

Race and Ethnicity in Fandom - Transformative Works and Cultures' Call For Papers

Alice in the Cities (Wim Wenders): homage in links

Alfred Hitchcock Television Interview from 1973

Michael Snow videos and links

An autumnal Saturday links roundup

Film Theory Unstilled: Raymond Bellour

Framing Jarman: New Tate Visual Arts Channel in Beta

Michael Haneke: A Ribbon of Links

Zombie Week at In Media Res

'Inglourious Basterds: Can Hollywood rewrite history?': A Fistful of Tarantino Links

Stanley Kubrick interview

Aesthetic Journalism - a free preview

Glasgow's Finest: work by Caughie, Geraghty, and great e-theses, too

The Prolonged Sorrow of the Filipinos: An Appeal by a Cinephile

Lots of Links from the Twitterverse and Beyond

Roman Polanski's Knife in the Water

E-book Index: University of California Press Public Access Film Studies Books

Jarman Award 2009 winner is Lindsay Seers

Pedro Costa: A Retrospective

Austrian cinema for export #1: Ulrich Seidl

Angelism and rage: Sally Potter links

In fond memory of Patrick Swayze

New Journal of Screenwriting - Issue 1 Free Online

Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology at the Cinema

“Why is this as it is?”: The Question of Cavellian Film Studies

On Pleasure: free Perkins in new Film Quarterly

'Classical Hollywood Cinema': history, poetics, narratology, and beyond

'Billy Liar' Studies (in Memory of Keith Waterhouse)

Screening the Past Issue 25 Out Now

On Stardom/Celebrity and Film Acting/Performance

Sad News

More E-theses online: Doris Day, film spectacle, telefantasy, cinema & society, Korean film & TV

Assorted articles and e-theses: costumes, sound, French and Spanish cinema, and more

Online theses on the work of Jean-Luc Godard

Four by Rosenbaum on Fassbinder

John Ellis: Film and TV Studies Resources Online

The Value of Style: Film Criticism in Scholarship

Happy Saturday Reading: New 'World Picture Journal'

Thursday Links (Renoir's Toni, Akerman's Jeanne Dielman, McElhaney's Minnelli)

FourDocs' fabulous documentary films and resources online

This and that (Perkins, Rich on Kuchar Bros, Westerns, Fan Videos, Timecode, Kubrick and the Coens)

Reverse Shot Symposium on Claire Denis

Studies of 'Third Cinema' and anti-Eurocentric film culture

Expanded Cinema and Video Art: Tate Video and Essays from REWIND (Cubitt, Atherton, Hatfield)

Back from vac with Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Ten Favourite Full-Length Films Online For Free

More V.F. Perkins Online

Vampires, Vamps, and Va Va Voom: Recordings and Abstracts

Are you now or have you ever been a non-anglophone film blogger?

The Art of the Title Sequence - Website

Wide Screen Call For Papers on Contemporary European Film and Media Production

Film Studies: free online journal content

Video Essays on Films: A Multiprotagonist Manifesto

Agnès Varda Podcast and Links

Ten Monday Must Visits

Adrian Martin Podcast

FSFF Video Essay 1: On Claude Chabrol's Les Bonnes femmes

Adam Curtis Links

Friday Round Up

Going the distance with Claude Chabrol

Suzhou River and 'Sixth-Generation' Chinese Filmmaking

María Luisa Bemberg: online resources

On Auteurism and Film Authorship Theories

C is for Cinephilia Studies (plus some telephilia, too)

'Final Girl' Studies

Classic Latin American film studies in memory of Mario Benedetti

A Heart of Gold: Pakeezah and the Hindi Courtesan Film

More on the video essay: Jim Emerson's Close Up: the movie/essay/dream

Fabulous Films about Films: Homage to Matt Zoller Seitz's Video Essays

So you want to study television? Free sample introductions to TV and 'Small Screen' studies

So you want to study cinema? Free sample introductions to Film Studies

Star Trek Studies Online

Some May Must-Reads

35 Shots of Claire Denis (and more)

Film Festival Studies Online

Werner Herzog Links inc YouTube Fest

Queer Film and Theory Links In Memory of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Added Sting: New Film-Philosophy Out Now

Fruity film and television studies links!

Science of Watchmen, War Films, plus Mira Nair, from YouTube EDU

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Dances with Blogs: Film Criticism Assignments Online

Oh Danny Boyle

'Oscar® Studies' For Free!

How Do You Know It's Love? Because it's from the Prelinger Archive

Agnès Varda on gleaning, plus other free public open video lectures from the European Graduate School

Cinematic memory and the Holocaust: online film studies

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Harun Farocki on the web and in London

Touching on Touch of Evil: Projecting Latin America at the Movies

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L'Affaire Lee: follow up links

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Wildlife filmmaking plus early Hawks blogathon

Split Screens and Refractory Journal

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Wong Kar-wai Links: To Faye Wong (and David Bordwell), Thanks For Everything

On film-thinking: Daniel Frampton's Filmosophy

Film 'Conversations With History': Stanley Cavell, Oliver Stone, Robert Wise, and others

A-Z of Favourite Scholarly Film and Moving Image Blogs

Lick the Star: Sofia Coppola Links

Round up: Online Scholarship, Virtual Training Suites, and Fascinating Miscellany

The Day The Clangers' Moon Stood Still: RIP Oliver Postgate 1925-2008

Online Film Audio-Commentaries and Video Essays Of Note

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Pirate Philosophy by Gary Hall

Scott Kirsner's 'Inventing the Movies': free online video

Mickey Mouse and Animation Links

Internet Archive Film E-Books: Pudovkin, Kracauer, Balázs, Rotha

Individual Authors' Online Writing Of Note - an explanation of FSFF's list

Online and Open-Access Film and Moving-Image Studies Writing Of Note (by Individual Named Authors)

Documentary filmmaking and intellectual property law: free e-book and short films

Free (and legal) Online Films

Miriam Makeba and South African Cinema

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Please go in two by two! Sally Potter's Fabulous Ark

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Atom Egoyan (Adoration) and Directors' Notes (Appreciation)

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New Links to Free Film Studies E-books

'If it doesn't spread, it's dead': Michael Moore, Henry Jenkins, and Sheila Seles

David Lynch on creativity and Ed’s Co-ed from The Bioscope

Raúl Ruiz, and other directors, in webcast conversations via University of Aberdeen

Assorted recommendations

Film and Media Studies e-journals for free: online graduate-student work

Type casting ... and Bette Davis

Paul Newman, 1925-2008

It's a Wonderful Point...

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Some Bordwellian inspiration (in blogpost and podcast)

More great Film Studies podcasts: Pinewood Dialogues

More Film Studies videos online: Haynes, Minghella, Ahtila, Varda, and Mulvey

V.F. Perkins Online

Pan's Labyrinth, the Edit Room, and Wide Screen journal

For Ever Godard

An E-book and more podcasts

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The Bioscope's 'Lost sites' posting

Expanded Cinema and Unspoken Cinema: 'Film practice as research' links

More on Scholarly Publishing: MediaCommons

David Sterritt's Online Writings, and an ethical declaration

Which are the best scholarly film and media blogs?

On the Director's Cut

    Friday 27 November 2009

    Obstinate Battles for Documentary Memory: Patricio Guzmán Resources Online

    Regular readers will know, hopefully, that Film Studies For Free issues forth only on the topics that take its fancy. It receives no commercial or other patronage, and it does not respond to 'prompts' for its hypertextual-utterances: nor does it want any! It loves and supports free online culture, and it prefers to make its own reading, viewing and blogging choices. Sometimes, though, it does get independently inspired by commercially-available film releases or new offline publications of a very worthwhile kind, as was the case today. And the result is a little bit of unsolicited free advertising...

    FSFF was so HAPPY to hear that Chilean documentarist Patricio Guzmán's films The Battle of Chile (1975-1978), The Pinochet Case (2001) and a particular personal favourite, Chile, Obstinate Memory (1997 - see the opening sequences above) have been released on a new DVD by a great and longstanding supporter of Latin American film culture -- Icarus Films -- that it decided to mark this very auspicious occasion with a related scholarly links-list in honour, and warm appreciation, of Guzmán's hugely important films.

    Thursday 26 November 2009

    Happy birthday Albert Maysles! Videos and Other Links

    [The video embedded above presents a conversation with] one of America's foremost non-fiction filmmakers, Albert Maysles who along with his brother David (1932-1987) is recognized as a pioneer of direct cinema, the distinctly American version of French cinéma vérité. Their seminal early films Salesman (1968), Gimme Shelter(1970), and Grey Gardens (1976) became cult classics and are still finding new rapturous audiences. On the occasion of the publication of A Maysles Scrapbook: Photographs/Cinemagraphs/Documents, Maysles screens selections from filmed portraits of Orson Welles, Marlon Brando, and Truman Capote, and takes audience questions (courtesy of Hammer Museum at UCLA, March 10, 2009 on YouTube).
    'The documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles describes how using his digital video camera inspired him "to tape the little things that I witness in everyday life. They’d be pieces of poetry"', Aisling Kelliher, Everyday Cinema, MIT Media Lab
    'We can see two types of truth here. One is the raw material, which is the footage, the kind of truth that you get in literature in diary form – it’s immediate, no one has tampered with it. Then there’s the other kind of truth that comes in extracting and juxtaposing the raw material into a more meaningful and coherent storytelling form, which finally can be said to be more than just raw data.' Stella Bruzzi citing Albert Maysles in 'The Talented Mr Ripley', EnterText 1.2, Spring 2001
    It's Thanksgiving and Albert Maysles's birthday today. It's very much a poignant timing for the latter occasion as the artist (and partner to Christo) Jeanne-Claude (Denat de Guillebo), who featured in a series of the Maysles's Brothers' films, died on November 18, 2009. But, this year, Film Studies For Free is marking all three observances, and giving thanks for the Maysles's highly influential filmmaking, with its usual tribute of links, below, to high-quality scholarly and other interesting online resources, in addition to the great video embedded above.

    Video and website resources:
    Interviews with or about the Maysles:
    Scholarly/critical articles:

    Cinephilia celebrated and explored in IndianAuteur

    A Film Studies For Free quickie first-off today, just to bring you news of the new issue (no. 7: November 25- December 25) of the IndianAuteur  E-magazine. In particular, FSFF wanted to flag up its fascinating series of articles on film festivals and cinephilia, crowned by a truly fantastic interview with one of the most prodigiously talented and productive cinephile film-writers out there, Adrian Martin.

    You can read the issue online by clicking here; and you can download it by clicking here (for the .zip file). The magazine's great e-archive of past issues is here. Below, FSFF has pasted the table of contents of direct links to all those articles from the new issue which available online:

    Paradise Lost: Kshitiz Anand
    Cinephilia in India: Nitesh Rohit
    Seeing is Believing: Supriya Suri
    Winds From The East: Sagorika Singha
    Multiplexes, Multi-Million AND Multi-Wood: Anuj Malhotra (there's a problem loading this page so far)

    Wednesday 25 November 2009

    'Imaginary and Fantastic': Hayao Miyazaki Studies

    As Film Studies For Free's merry band of followers on Twitter already know, this morning brought the wonderful discovery of an openly-accessible special issue on the work of Hayao Miyazaki from the Journal of the Imaginary and Fantastic (Vol.1 No.2). As usual, direct links to all items are given below. Click here to check out all of FSFF's earlier posts on animation studies.

    Vol. 1.  No. 2.  :  The Films of Hayao Miyazaki

    Tuesday 24 November 2009

    Participations: Studying Cinema Audiences

    Dr Frank N. Furter/Tim Curry loving his 'audience' (Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick) in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Jim Sharman, UK, 1975)

    Film Studies For Free is delighted, as always, to flag up that the new issue of Participations - the Open Access journal of audience and reception studies -- has just gone online. 

    It encompasses an excellent special section devoted to cinema audiences, but there are lots of high quality essays throughout, and a great set of Film Studies book reviews.

    Special Edition on Cinema Audiences



    Saturday 21 November 2009

    Storytelling sans frontières? On Adaptation, Remaking, Intertextuality, and Transmediality

    Still from the trailer for (The Twilight Saga:) New Moon (Chris Weitz, 2009)

    Another rather long links list today, this time on one of Film Studies For Free's author's main research specialisms: adaptation (and remaking, 'remediation', 'transmediality') and intertextuality. The list -- as always of direct links to openly-accessible scholarly resources -- is particularly meaty in celebration of a very cool happening. A proposed contribution by her on these topics to a panel at the Los Angeles Society of Cinema and Media Studies annual conference in 2010 was accepted this week (woohoo!).

    A video-essay version of this work -- entitled 'Intertextuality and Anomalousness: Luis Buñuel’s The Young One (1960)' -- part of a great panel called 'Looking Backwards and Thinking Forwards: Engaging the Cinema of 1960 with Multimedia Scholarship' will appear on this website in due course...

    So, in celebration of the above, do please enjoy the following links to very high quality scholarly resources on adaptation and narrative transmediality, with a nice little video embedded at the very end: