Monday 15 January 2018

Links to Free Online Streaming Platforms for Films and Moving Image Work

Last updated January 17, 2018
Temperatūra ne pagal Celsijų / Off Gauge Temperature (Almantas Grikevičius, 1973)
Recommended by Herb Shellenberger. Click on CC in the frame above to switch on English subtitles.

Film Studies For Free brings you an entry that has come about because of a piece of Facebook crowdsourcing by film curator extraordinaire Herb Shellenberger. Shellenberger requested from his friends any links they had to free online streaming platforms for films and moving image work. He was especially interested in ones that are run by archives, and most interested in those outside the US/UK.

A wonderful list of links was rapidly assembled to a wide variety of international platforms, only some of which FSFF has tweeted or blogged about before. So, courtesy of Shellenberger and his friends, below is the list (with acknowledgement given to the individual suggesting each link - thanks especially to Patrick Friel for his extensive contribution, along with Herb).

If you have any further suggestions to make for the list, please use the Comments thread below.

Note: also has a great list of free online films, and currently links to at least two of the channels suggested by the crowdsourcing above). It sourced its list from the following collections: Public domain collection of film noir at - Boing BoingThe Best: Movies in the Public Domain - WiredFilms in the Public Domain - WikipediaFimoculous list of Hulu Download the ClassicsSalon: The Future is Almost Now.
Temperatūra ne pagal Celsijų / Off Gauge Temperature (Almantas Grikevičius, 1973)
Recommended by Herb Shellenberger.
Online at the Lithuanian documentary films website, run by Meno Avilys: 


Grazyna said...

I want to suggest the next Polish film archive online from Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. It is an audiovisual library of Polish artists film works and documentations of their artistic practice. See for example:

Austrian Film Museum said...

Great list.

On our website you can find a lot of material (still growing) among them Dziga Vertov's Kinonedeljas and soon his Kinopravdas.

Best from Vienna=)

Jason Mittell said...

An amazing resource for radio & television materials is the Peabody Awards Archive: . Its holdings include most of the submissions to the notable award since 1940. While not all material is digitized, the staff will take requests to digitize programs from researchers. Highly recommended!

Catherine Grant said...

Thanks to Grazyna, the Austrian Film Museum and Jason Mittell. I added the two links to the latter resources. Grazyna, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw was already on the list having been recommended by Herb Shellenberger. Thanks for your recommendation of the Zbigniew Rybczynski entry!

a visitor said...

EUscreen is a consortium of European broadcasters and audiovisual archives. lots of old TV reports from all european broadcasers

Unknown said...

This is the Online platform of the National Cineteca of Chile:

Rosalind Kemp said...

UCLA also have L.A. Rebellion films on this YouTube account

Unknown said...


I want to suggest an online platform for romanian movies (features, shorts, animations, documentaries and more)updated every Thursday night.

And also a collection of romanian documentaries.

Enjoy, everyone!!

P.S: Thank you, Catherine, for your tireless work you make.

James said...

Hi, great list. Here in New Zealand at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision we have c.2000 archive films available to view: Also take a look at which has films of Australia and NZ from the First World War. Best regards, James