Wednesday 24 August 2016

Almodóvar Studies for Free

Last updated with more links August 25

MATCHES - On similarly flammable moments in Ray and Almodóvar
(Intertextual ignition by Catherine Grant)

Experience has taught me that the more honest and personal my work is,
the more successful I am.
(Pedro Almodóvar)

It costs a lot to be authentic, ma’am.
('Agrado' in All About My Mother)

Film Studies For Free is delighted to celebrate its eighth birthday with a tiny new video essay (above) and a whole entry (below) devoted to a wide-ranging collection of links to online and open access studies of the work of one of its favourite filmmakers of all time: Pedro Almodóvar.

Thanks so much to all FSFF's readers for being (t)here over the years! It's been a 'fount of pleasure' (as José Arroyo writes of Almodóvar's films), and an authentic joy.

Online written studies of Almodóvar's work

Added Online audio about Almodóvar's work

Online videos about Almodóvar's work

Full length BAFTA interview with Almodóvar online here (50 minutes):


In Spanish/Unsubtitled