Monday, 16 November 2009

The Man from Pécs: Béla Tarr Resources

Béla Tarr and film critic Howard Feinstein discuss the former's innovative filmography, punctuated by clips from his films (Walker Art Center, December 22, 2008).

With Béla Tarr's Werckmeister harmóniák/Werckmeister Harmonies (2000) making lots of the recent flurry of top-ten-films-of-the-decade lists (see Anderson's and Broad's great ones, for example), and his latest film A londoni férfi/The Man from London (2007) beginning to be screened more widely, Film Studies For Free brings you its own tribute to the Hungarian master.

HarryTuttle at Unspoken Cinema has already assembled an amazing list of online written resource links (see also Unspoken I: Tarr. May, 2009, (eds.) Yvette Biró, Edwin Mak & HarryTuttle at Unspoken - Journal for Contemplative Cinema).

FSFF wanted to add to this valuable existing list with some more scholarly links, as well as some embedded videos (above and below) which help contribute to understanding of this filmmaker's work.


HarryTuttle said...

Great resource! When did you find these links? I'm glad I have your feeds in my aggregator.

Catherine Grant said...

Hi Harry. Thanks. And thanks for your great resource on Tarr. One day I'll do a post just about my search methods. But, basically, what usually happens - as was the case with this post - is that I come across a great resource (article or video) by accident while browsing - for this list it was the Walker Art Gallery video, which I then noticed wasn't yet in your list. Then, I use at least three different search methods to find other resources: Google, using lots of different search terms to flush things out; Jurn (, a curated academic search-engine set up by Dave Haden, indexing 3,433 free ejournals in the arts & humanities' and finally a nifty Firefoc add-on called Outwit Docs (google it), which gets at pdf files, where often the best legally-available academic material is to be found. I also use search engines at online journals I know to see if they have anything on particular topics.

just another film buff said...

Oh, oh, Bela Tarr. This is essential. Kovacs' article is the alpha and the omega of Bela Tarr.
Just reading your method of searching and indexing makes me go dizzy. This is top stuff.
This is great service that FSFF is doing, single-handedly, to film fraternity. Thanks for everything Catherine!