Tuesday, 7 February 2012

FSFF with added pizazz?

Out with the not so old... Adieu Faye Wong. Thanks for everything!
Film Studies For Free, self-declared emperor of scholarly film studies links aggregating websites based in the nicest of the UK home counties, has new clothes...

Yes, it has opted for relative nakedness! Not for the stylish nudity of the dynamic views option that it contemplated a short while back. That wouldn't have allowed it to continue with its sidebar menus. But for the openness, plainness and gorgeous simplicity of a midnight blue banner (inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal's eyes and Ang Lee and Rodrigo Prieto's colour palette...) against a vast snowy expanse of hexadecimal white.

FSFF's rhetoric continues, however, to be over-dressed.

A few more design tweaks, here and there, are still necessary, but FSFF has already had lots of, so far entirely positive, feedback on the new look at Twitter and Facebook. It hopes that all of its readers will find the visuals work for them. To that end, any further feedback will be very welcome.

One matter to note: by far the best two ways to search this blog are to use the search box at the top left-hand corner of your screen, or to employ the 'find on page' tool in your web browser - the latter will help you locate appropriate FSFF tags out of the hundreds of these stored at the foot of the page.

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Very nice: sort of a cross between DeToth's Day of the Outlaw (lots of snowy landscapes) and a tasteful minimalism.

Keep up the great work!