Monday, 7 June 2010

Stanley Cavell by Mulhall and Rothman: Online Colloquium

Thanks to HarryTuttle at Screenville, Film Studies For Free was  absolutely bouleversé to discover online the exceptionally excellent talks, embedded above, on the work of (film) philosopher Stanley Cavell, a frequent topic of conversation at this blog (see FSFF's large links list “Why is this as it is?”: The Question of Cavellian Film Studies for further information, as well as the entry Film 'Conversations With History': Stanley Cavell, Oliver Stone, Robert Wise, and others).

Tuttle links to many more, brilliant, French language videos from this colloquium -- Hommage à Stanley Cavell - l'écran de nos pensées : Philosophie et cinéma -- held at l'École normale supérieure de Lyon, May 4-7, 2010.  It's a real treasure trove for film scholars.

Merci Harry!

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunate that Professor Mulhall wasn't there to deliver it himself and take questions, since I have never heard anyone articulate anything so interesting as clearly as he can.