Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lastingly good work on Ephemeral Media

The Psycho Shower Scene: A Reenactment: a YouTube fan video discussed by Barbara Klinger in her talk linked to below.

Today, Film Studies For Free is delighted to pass on details of some great freely accessible film and media studies research resources from the Institute of Film and Television at the University of Nottingham.

This summer, the Institute held two Arts and Humanities Research Council 'Beyond Text' workshops on ‘ephemeral media,’ focusing on the growth of the brief or ‘ephemeral’ texts that exist beyond, below and between the films, television programmes, and radio broadcasts more commonly isolated for analysis.

For those interested, the plenary sessions can be found as YouTube recordings and/or sound files on the Beyond Text website (following the photo and video gallery). Also see below.

The Ephemeral Media website has great resources links, too, so do please explore those.

1. The Promotional Surround: logos, promos, idents, trailers (Click here for the Abstracts)

2. Internet Attractions: online video and user-generated ephemera (Click here for the Abstracts)

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