Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Alfred Hitchcock Television Interview from 1973

Thanks to the great guys at The Film Talk, Film Studies For Free heard that a seemingly long-thought-lost, hour-long interview with Alfred Hitchcock has been posted to YouTube. The interview took place on the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder (NBC) in Fall 1973. According to the YouTube post, the recording appears to be from a second repeat of this show broadcast on Memorial day, 1980, around a month after Hitchcock had died. FSFF has embedded all six segments of the interview below for your film-educational delectation and delight.


Dan North said...

Excellent, thanks for this. I'm watching it with my lunch. Snyder's reverent gravity seems to really put a dampener on things and stifles Hitch's wicked sense of humour, though. I love the profile shot of Hitch in the chair that matches the contours of his body (see 4:40 in part 1, for e.g.). Nice touch.

Catherine Grant said...

Great! I watched it with my breakfast - very entertaining. Yes, Snyder's a bit pompous, but Hitch prevails. I thought the tv talk show mise en scene, and Hitch's own role in that, was especially fascinating, too.
For a YouTube video from that era it's great quality, for reasons given in the blurb at YouTube.