Saturday, 10 October 2009

Film Theory Unstilled: Raymond Bellour

Today, Film Studies For Free brings you a video recording of a two hour long talk by one of the most original and important of the major film and media theorists, Raymond Bellour, Director of Research at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique in Paris, and one of Europe's foremost theorists of film, video and new media.

Bellour's publications include L'Analyse du film, his now classic close readings of Hollywood films first published in 1979, several more recent collections, especially Le Cinéma americain and Le Western, as well as works on literature (especially on the Brontës, Dumas and Michaux). Since the early eighties,
Bellour's work has concentrated on new media and on the relations between words and images.

Bellour's talk was recorded
on May 23, 2002, a record of his contribution to the 'Moving Images' Programme, a collaboration between Tate Modern and Research at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design bringing to London major figures working in or on film and video to explore contemporary issues around these media. It is now freely available to view online as one of the many wonderful Tate Channel offerings about which FSFF waxed lyrical just the other day.

Below are links to a few other Bellour related resources -either articles by him, or ones by other scholars which discuss or employ his film theoretical insights.


heterodoxa said...

Great. Thank you.

Jeff (Second Reel) said...

This is great -- thanks for posting the video and links! Bellour was one of my heroes in college -- his "The Obvious and the Code" had a huge impact on how I understand scene construction.