Tuesday 6 October 2009

Michael Haneke: A Ribbon of Links

For an updated Haneke links list here at Film Studies For Free please go to: 

Michael Haneke's
Code inconnu: Récit incomplet de divers voyages, a.k.a. Code Unknown (France/Germany/Romania 2000), is one of Film Studies For Free's author's favourite films. So she is very much looking forward to catching some of the impressive upcoming season of the Austrian director's work at the British Film Institute, from November 5-30.

The season will also showcase Haneke's latest film, the Palme D'Or winning
Das Weisse Band/The White Ribbon. Another highlight, for those able to make it to London's Southbank, is the event Key Scholars in Film Studies: Thomas Elsaesser on Michael Haneke on November 5 (hmmm, Bonfire Night in the UK... What could Haneke do with that historically and culturally-charged event, FSFF wonders?).

Here, to celebrate all the above, is a list of links to mostly scholarly, and all openly-accessible, online Michael Haneke resources. If you feel that any key ones are missing, do please let FSFF know and they'll be added forthwith. Danke schön!

Aaron Hillis at Cinephiliac;Darren Hughes at Long Pauses; David Lowery at Drifting; Dennis Cozzalio at Sergio Leone & The Infield Fly Rule; .Dipanjan at Random Muses; Eric Henderson at When Canses Were Classeled; Filmbrain [Andrew Grant] at Like Anna Karina's Sweater; Matthew Clayfield at Esoteric Rabbit; Michael Guillen at The Evening Class; and Zach Campbell at Elusive Lucidity.


Surbhi Goel said...

thank you, for the marathon ribbon!

Destroy Apathy said...

My goodness this really is an extensive list of links. It is much appreciated as I know very little of the director and for some reason his other films have always eluded me. I found it, just looking for things about The White Ribbon; an extraordinary film. I was trying to plug my views and find some people that might comment on them, find them at www.destroy-apathy.blogspot.com

Glad I found the site, will be involved