Monday, 7 September 2009

'Classical Hollywood Cinema': history, poetics, narratology, and beyond

Maybe it's that back-to-school feeling in the air, but Film Studies For Free's attentions turn today to one of the most important topics in its discipline: the film-historical and film-theoretical behemoth that is 'Classical Hollywood Cinema'.

Below are direct links to online studies of Hollywood and other comparable cinematic classicisms -- together with related explorations -- ranging from the foundational (Bordwell, Thompson, Staiger, plus Hansen) through to the new and challenging (Cagle, Galt, Paneva, Thanouli). FSFF reckons you should also take in what one might call that most early-classical of relevant studies, online in its entirety: Aristotle's Poetics, written 350 B.C.E, Translated by S. H. Butcher.

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