Saturday 5 September 2009

'Billy Liar' Studies (in Memory of Keith Waterhouse)

Film Studies For Free was saddened to hear that novelist, journalist, and screenwriter Keith Waterhouse has died, albeit after a long and rich life. He was author of the novel Billy Liar and wrote the critically acclaimed screenplay for John Schlesinger's brilliant 1963 film of the same name, one of FSFF's favourites from the British New Wave. He also worked on other great screenplays, including Whistle Down the Wind (1961), A Kind of Loving (1962) and Alfred Hitchcock's Torn Curtain (1966, uncredited).

Below, in memory of Keith Waterhouse's great British cinematic imagination, are some links to online and openly accessible Billy Liar and British New Wave cinema resources:

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genevieve said...

Lovely list of resources, thank you. Oh, I am sad - just heard, must have been under a log or something. Billy Liar is one of my favourite books - and the film was fabulous too.