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Film Studies: free online journal content

Image of Newland Archer (Daniel Day-Lewis) from The Age of Innocence
(Martin Scorsese, 1993)

Film Studies -- a valuable and valiant journal, founded in 1999, of which Film Studies For Free was extremely fond -- is sadly no longer being published. But FSFF wanted to alert its readers that Manchester University Press, the most recent publisher of this periodical, has made its full contents freely available online from Vols 4-11 (Summer 2004-Winter 2007) inclusive.

FSFF has thus gratefully pasted in the links below from the MUP site and added author names and fuller details of dossiers and reviews.

There are some truly brilliant articles and dossiers here that deserve continued scholarly attention.

Volume 11 (Winter 2007)

Rashmi Sawhney, 'Apotheosis or Apparition?: Bombay and the Village in 1990s Women's Cinema'
(pp 1-13)
Full Article in PDF p1 (196 k)

Alan Marcus, 'The Interracial Romance as Primal Drama: Touch of Evil and Diamond Head'
(pp 14-26)
Full Article in PDF p14 (363 k)

Dolores Martinez, 'Where the human heart goes astray: Rashomon, Boomtown and subjective experience'
(pp 27-36)
Full Article in PDF p27 (129 k)

Merrill Schleier, 'The Grid, the Spectacle and the Labyrinth in The Big Clock's Skyscraper: Queered Space and Cold War Discourse'
(pp 37-48)
Full Article in PDF p37 (162 k)

Greg Tuck, 'Sex with the City: Urban Spaces, Sexual Encounters and Erotic Spectacle in Tsukamoto Shinya's Rokugatsu no Hebi - A Snake of June (2003)'
(pp 49-60)
Full Article in PDF p49 (146 k)

Karina von Lindeiner reviews Daniela Berghahn,
Hollywood Behind the Wall: The Cinema of East Germany (pp 61-71); Andrew Shail reviews Vanessa Toulmin, Electric Edwardians: The Story of the Mitchell and Kenyon Collection; Michael Grant reviews Reynold Humphries, The Hollywood Horror Film, 1931–1941: Madness in a Social Landscape; Reynolds Humphries reviews Gary D. Rhodes (with Richard Sheffield), Bela Lugosi: Dreams and Nightmares, and Mikel Koven, La Dolce Morte: Vernacular Cinema and the Italian Giallo Film.
Full Section in PDF p61 (103 k)

Volume 10 (Spring 2007)

Luke McKernan,'"Only the screen was silent ...": Memories of children's cinema-going in London before the First World War'
(pp 1-20)
Full Article in PDF p1 (273 k)

Simon Brown , 'Flicker Alley: Cecil Court and the Emergence of the British Film Industry'
(pp 21-33)
Full Article in PDF p21 (122 k)

Elizabeth Lebas , 'Glasgow's Progress: The Films of Glasgow Corporation 1938-1978'
(pp 34-53)
Full Article in PDF p34 (324 k)

Janet McBain, 'Green's of Glasgow: `We Want "U" In''
(pp 54-57)
Full Article in PDF p54 (124 k)

Richard Brown, 'The Missing Link: Film Renters in Manchester, 1910-1920'
(pp 58-63)
Full Article in PDF p58 (157 k)

Frank Gray, 'Kissing and Killing: A Short History of Brighton on Film'
(pp 64-71)
Full Article in PDF p64 (113 k)

Brigitte Flickinger, 'Cinemas in the City: Berlin's Public Space in the 1910s and 1920s'
(pp 72-86)
Full Article in PDF p72 (173 k)

Kate Bowles, '"All the evidence is that Cobargo is slipping": An ecological approach to rural cinema-going'
(pp 87-96)
Full Article in PDF p87 (120 k)


Alan Lovell reviews Don Siegel, A Siegel Film; Katerina Loukopoulou reviews Angela Dalle Vacche, ed., The Visual Turn: Classical Film Theory and Art History; Lance Pettitt reviews Myrto Konstantarakos, ed., Spaces in European Cinema, Anne Jackel, European Film Industries, Dina Iordanova, Cinema of the Other Europe, and Peter Hames, ed., The Cinema of Central Europe; Robert Shaughnessy reviews Sarah Hatchuel, Shakespeare, from Stage to Screen, and Judith Buchanan, Shakespeare on Film.
(pp 97-115)
Full Section in PDF p97 (146 k)

Volume 9 (Winter 2006)

David Lavery, '"No More Undiscovered Countries": The Early Promise and Disappointing Career of Time-Lapse Photography'
(pp 1-8)
Full Article in PDF p1 (92 k)

Lee Carruthers, 'Biding Our Time: Rethinking the Familiar in Steven Soderbergh's The Limey'
(pp 9-21)
Full Article in PDF p9 (124 k)

Jacqueline Furby, 'Rhizomatic Time and Temporal Poetics in American Beauty'
(pp 22-28)
Full Article in PDF p22 (82 k)

Wendy Everett , 'Remembering the Future: Terence Davies and the Paradoxes of Time'
(pp 29-39)
Full Article in PDF p29 (98 k)

Steven Peacock, 'Holding onto moments in The Age of Innocence'
(pp 40-50)
Full Article in PDF p40 (94 k)

David Butler, 'The Days Do Not End: Film Music, Time and Bernard Herrmann'
(pp 51-63)
Full Article in PDF p51 (86 k)

Des O’Rawe, 'Ten Minutes for John Lennon'
(pp 64-67)
Full Article in PDF p64 (42 k)

Conference Reviews

Michael Grant, 'The Enduring Value of André Bazin: A Report on the 46th Thessaloniki Film Festival, 18–27 November 2005'
(pp 68-69)
Full Article in PDF p68 (21 k)


Ian Christie reviews Clare Kitson, Yuri Norstein and Tale of Tales: An Animator’s Journey, and: The Vertov Collection at the Austrian Film Museum; Sarah Leahy reviews Alison Smith, French Cinema in the 1970s: The echoes of May; Andrew Martin reviews Andrew Klevan, Andrew Klevan, Film Performance: From Achievement to Appreciation
(pp 70-76)
Full Section in PDF p70 (122 k) Thomas Tode, Barbara Wurm et al, eds, Dziga Vertov

Volume 8 (Summer 2006)

Torben Grodal , 'The PECMA Flow: A General Model of Visual Aesthetics'
(pp 1-11)
Full Article in PDF p1 (128 k)

Jonathan Frome , 'Representation, Reality, and Emotions Across Media'
(pp 12-25)
Full Article in PDF p12 (109 k)

Amy Coplan , 'Catching Characters' Emotions: Emotional Contagion Responses to Narrative Fiction Film'
(pp 26-38)
Full Article in PDF p26 (123 k)

Daniel Barratt , 'Tracing the Routes to Empathy: Association, Simulation, or Appraisal?'
(pp 39-52)
Full Article in PDF p39 (171 k)

Michael Z. Newman, 'Characterization as Social Cognition in Welcome to the Dollhouse'
(pp 53-67)
Full Article in PDF p53 (303 k)

Jens Eder , 'Ways of Being Close to Characters'
(pp 68-80)
Full Article in PDF p68 (116 k)

Carl Plantinga, 'Disgusted at the Movies'
(pp 81-92)
Full Article in PDF p81 (238 k)

Patrick Colm Hogan, 'Narrative Universals, Nationalism, and Sacrificial Terror: From Nosferatu
(pp 93-105)
Full Article in PDF p93 (208 k) to Nazism'

Karen Renner , 'Repeat Viewings Revisited: Emotions, Memory, and Memento'
(pp 106-115)
Full Article in PDF p106 (81 k)

Malcolm Turvey, 'Imagination, Simulation, and Fiction'
(pp 116-125)
Full Article in PDF p116 (62 k)

Thomas E. Wartenberg , 'Film as Argument'
(pp 126-137)
Full Article in PDF p126 (99 k)

Introduction: Author Meets Critics: Noël Carroll's Engaging the Moving Image
(pp 138-139)
Full Article in PDF p138 (26 k)

Murray Smith, 'My Dinner with Noël; or, Can We Forget the Medium?'
(pp 140-148)
Full Article in PDF p140 (263 k)

Jinhee Choi , 'Naturalizing Hollywood?: Against the Naturalistic Account of Filmic Communication'
(pp 149-153)
Full Article in PDF p149 (35 k)

Cynthia Freeland, 'Evaluating Film'
(pp 154-160)
Full Article in PDF p154 (90 k)

Noël Carroll , 'Engaging Critics'
(pp 161-169)
Full Article in PDF p161 (56 k)


Edward Buscombe reviews Stanley Corkin, Cowboys as Cold Warriors: The Western and US History; Peter Hutchings reviews Geoff Mayer, Roy Ward Baker; Paisely Livingston reviews Torben Grodal, Bente Larsen, and Iben Thorving Laursen (eds), Visual Authorship: Creativity and Intentionality in Media. Northern Lights Film and Media Studies Yearbook, Amy Sargeant reviews Alan Lovell and Peter Krämer (eds),Screen Acting, and Pamela Robertson Wojcik (ed.), Movie Acting: The Film Reader.
(pp 170-176)
Full Section in PDF p170 (71 k)

Volume 7 (Winter 2005)

Jeff Smith, 'Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Christian?: The Strange History Of The Robe As Political Allegory'
(pp 1-15)
Full Article in PDF p1 (182 k)

Jennifer Langdon-Teclaw, 'Negotiating the Studio System: Adrian Scott and the Politics of Anti-Fascism in Cornered'
(pp 16-31)
Full Article in PDF p16 (178 k)

Erica Sheen, 'Un-American: Dmytryk, Rossellini and Christ in Concrete'
(pp 32-42)
Full Article in PDF p32 (178 k)

Karen McNally, '"Sinatra, Commie Playboy": Frank Sinatra, Postwar Liberalism and Press Paranoia'
(pp 43-53)
Full Article in PDF p43 (76 k)

Brian Neve , 'The Hollywood Left: Robert Rossen and Postwar Hollywood'
(pp 54-65)
Full Article in PDF p54 (135 k)

Peter Stanfield, 'A Monarch for the Millions: Jewish Filmmakers, Social Commentary and the Postwar Cycle of Boxing Films'
(pp 66-82)
Full Article in PDF p66 (481 k)

Steve Neale, 'Swashbucklers and Sitcoms, Cowboys and Crime, Nurses, Just Men and Defenders: Blacklisted Writers and TV in the 1950s and 1960s'
(pp 83-103)
Full Article in PDF p83 (98 k)

Dossier: An Interview with Albert Ruben
(pp 104-115)
Full Article in PDF p104 (67 k)

Dossier: An Interview with Cy Endfield
(pp 116-132)
Full Article in PDF p116 (66 k)


Gary Bettinson reviews Yingjin Zhang, Chinese National Cinema; Steven Peacock reviews Jonathan Rosenbaum, Essential Cinema: On the Necessity of Film Canons.
(pp 128-132)
Full Section in PDF p128 (361 k)

Volume 6 (Summer 2005)

Kelly Davidson and John Hill , '"Under control"?: Black Narcissus and the Imagining of India'
(pp 1-12)
Full Article in PDF p1 (284 k)

David Trotter, 'Virginia Woolf and Cinema'
(pp 13-26)
Full Article in PDF p13 (152 k)

Elizabeth Lebas, 'Sadness and Gladness: The Films of Glasgow Corporation, 1922-1938'
(pp 27-45)
Full Article in PDF p27 (236 k)

Dossier on Chris Marker: The Art of Memory (Including contributions by Catherine Lupton; Jonathan Kear; Barry Langford; Thomas Tode (translated by Bernd Elzer); Patrick ffrench.) (pp 46-96)
Full Article in PDF p46 (979 k)


Paul Coates reviews Joseph G. Kickasola, The Films of Krzysztof Kieślowski: The Liminal Image; Peter Stanfield reviews Edward Dimendberg, Film Noir and the Spaces of Modernity; Sarah Cardwell reviews Grahame Smith, Dickens and the dream of cinema.
(pp 97-102)
Full Article in PDF p97 (69 k)

Volume 5 (Winter 2004)

Richard Morris, '"To Realise the Ideal": Miscellaneous Remarks on Godard's Conceptual Processes Apropos of Sauve qui peut (la vie)'
(pp 1-7)
Full Article in PDF p1 (51 k)

Daniel Morgan, '"No Trickery with Montage": On Reading a Sequence in Godard's Pierrot le fou'
(pp 8-29)
Full Article in PDF p8 (187 k)

Michael Grant, 'Fulci's Waste Land: Cinema, Horror and the Abominations of Hell'
(pp 30-38)
Full Article in PDF p30 (250 k)

Ora Gelley, 'Europa '51: The Face of the Star in Neorealism's Urban Landscape'
(pp 39-57)
Full Article in PDF p39 (183 k)

Peter Krämer, 'The Many Faces of Holly Golightly: Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Hollywood'
(pp 58-65)
Full Article in PDF p58 (178 k)

Gary Bettinson, 'Penning Dramatic Chance: Adaptation, Dürrenmatt, and The Pledge'
(pp 66-79)
Full Article in PDF p66 (270 k)

Geoff King, 'Weighing Up the Qualities of Independence: 21 Grams in Focus'
(pp 80-91)
Full Article in PDF p80 (166 k)

J. J. Murphy, 'Harmony Korine's Gummo: the Compliment of Getting Stuck with a Fork'
(pp 92-105)
Full Article in PDF p92 (314 k)

Dossier: Hans Keller: Essays on Film Music (Introduction by Christopher Wintle)
(pp 106-131)
Full Article in PDF p106 (226 k)

Review Ian Christie reviews Oksana Bulgakowa, Sergei Eisenstein:A Biography.(pp 132-136)
Full Section in PDF p132 (149 k)

Volume 4 (Summer 2004)

Rachel Moore, 'Love Machines' (pp 1-11)
Full Article in PDF p1 (143 k)

Charles Musser, 'The Hidden and the Unspeakable: On Theatrical Culture, Oscar Wilde and Ernst Lubitsch's Lady Windermere's Fan' (pp 12-47) (File currently inaccessible)
Full Article in PDF p12 (478 k)

Reidar Due, 'Hitchcock's Innocence Plot' (pp 48-57)
Full Article in PDF p48 (168 k)

Maria Wyke, 'Film Style and Fascism: Julius Caesar' (pp 58-74)
Full Article in PDF p58 (576 k)

Alan Marcus, 'Reappraising Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will' (pp 75-86)
Full Article in PDF p75 (351 k)

Constantine Verevis, 'Remaking Film' (pp 87-103)
Full Article in PDF p87 (230 k)

Dossier - Episodes from a Lost History of Movie Serialism: An interview with Hollis Frampton (Interview by Deke Dusinberre and Ian Christie (pp 104-118))
Full Article in PDF p104 (318 k)

Richard Brown reviews Jon Burrows, Legitimate Cinema: Theatre Stars in Silent British Films, 1908–1918 (pp 119-120)
Full Article in PDF p119 (30 k)


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Catherine, you're invaluable! Thank you--once again!

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Well, this one really was my pleasure as I used to work in the Film Studies department from which Film Studies was launched ten years ago, at the University of Kent. But thanks for the comment - always good to hear from you.

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Absolutely, Luke. A big round of applause for this, indeed, for MUP, who are long-standing and strong supporters of Open Access initiatives, as many of the links in this website testify. Thanks.