Tuesday, 2 June 2009

On Auteurism and Film Authorship Theories

Director Jane Campion (right) and cinematographer Laurie Mcinnes on the set of After Hours (1984). Photograph (1981) by Gayle Pigalle

Film Studies For Free will be concentrating on some shorter (but hopefully still useful) posts in the next few weeks. But here's another long one in the meantime: a whole (shiny) host of links to writing devoted to FSFF's author's main topic of research: film authorship and auteur theory. It has consequently been cross-posted at her other blog Directing Cinema, where lots of discussions of authorship and auteurism may be found. The below list of links to freely accessible online material on these topics will be kept updated, so do consider yourselves warmly encouraged to bookmark this post, and also to suggest further good resources to add to the list (by commenting or via email). Latest update: June 3, 2009


Middento said...

Catherine, you do SUCH wonderful work. Although I must say this list comes a full three weeks *after* my own auteur course ended. (Naturally, however, I had directed them to your other blog on several occasions...) Keep the good work going!

Catherine Grant said...

Thanks for the nice comment. Such words keep me going through the cold, dark days of the UK 'summer'!