Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Indian Cinema and its Centenary at SYNOPTIQUE

Synoptique cover by Malory Beazley based on an image by flickr user lecercle.

It's about time for some link action at Film Studies For Free. Indeed, there will be a little flurry of long overdue entries here over the next days too as there are lots of new issues of great online journals to flag up, as well as other important resources to publicise.
First up, today, news from SYNOPTIQUE about the launch of its latest issue devoted to the Centenary of Indian Cinema, guest edited by Catherine Bernier. The table of contents is given below, or follow the link to access the journal.
SYNOPTIQUE - An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies, Vol 3, No 1, 2014
Table of Contents

  • Size Zero Begums and Dirty Pictures: The Contemporary Female Star in Bollywood (1-29) by Tupur Chatterjee
  • Recycle Industry: The Visual Economy of Remakes in Contemporary Bombay Film Culture (30-66) by Ramna Walia
  • Visual Perception and Cultural Memory: Typecast and Typecast(e)ing in Malayalam Cinema (67-98) by Sujith Kumar Parayil

  • Death Becomes Her: Bombay Cinema, Nation and Kashmir (Kaushik Bhaumik in Conversation with Desire Machine Collective, Guwahati) (99-116) by Kaushik Bhaumik
  • Questions for Kumar Shahani- Interview (117-126) by Aparna Frank
  • Critical Review: Kumar Shahani's Maya Darpan (1972) (127-150) by Aparna Frank

  • "The Writer in the Film World: Amritlal Nagar’s Seven Years of Film Experience" Translation and Introduction by Suzanne L. Schulz (151-159)

Book Reviews
  • Politics as Performance: An Ambitious Exploration of Cine-Politics in Andhra Pradesh (160-166) by Parichay Patra

Miscellaneous - Festival Reports
  • Is It Dead Yet?: The 42nd Festival du nouveau cinéma (167-169) by Bradley Warren

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