Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Other Western: great new issue of TRANSFORMATIONS

Frame grab from Bend of the River (Anthony Mann, 1952). Read an article on this film by Helen Miller and Warwick Mules

Thanks to the always alert and brilliant Adrian Martin, Film Studies For Free got wind of a fantastic new issue of Transformations Journal on The Other Western (meaning [as the editors set out]: unusual Westerns as well as the "global and contemporary Western", which means that the issue provides a great accompaniment for Frames Cinema Journal's own recent take on the Cold War or political Western; and also to FSFF's podcast interview with Austin Fisher on his research on the spaghetti western).

FSFF has only just begun to dig into this issue of Transformations, but what it's read so far is really excellent. All the links are below.

And thank ye kindly, AM!

Transformations, Issue No. 24   2014 — The Other Western

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