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Happy Holidays Round Up! Adrian Martin Interview, New Journal Issues, Videographic Film Studies and Much More!

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It's been a busy few months and a fair tuckered out Film Studies For Free is off on its annual screen-free holidays from tomorrow for just over a week. While it chills out on a sweltering beach somewhere, generous to a fault (so it says), it's leaving you with LOTS of links to fabulous open access reading, viewing and listening. Just check out the wondrousness below.

Back soonish.

New issue of [in]Transition: A Journal of Videographic Film Studies 1.2, 2014 
Edited by Christian Keathley, the new issue examines some of the formal parameters in emergent videographic film and moving studies. It contains the following entries:

Adrian Martin Interview 
On the longest day of the year, June 21, 2014, Film Studies For Free's author interviewed film studies writer and thinker extraordinaire Adrian Martin. Our conversation took place in the quietest spot we could find in the historic center of Milan late on a World Cup match night. We were both visiting that city for the conference of the Network of European Cinema and Media Studies (NECS), and had been part of a workshop panel that day on videographic film studies, or "audiovisual approaches to audiovisual subjects." We discussed Adrian's turn to audiovisual essays (many made with Cristina Álvarez López) as well as his work more generally, and talked about his new book Mise en Scène and Film Style: From Classical Hollywood to New Media Art (forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan, later in 2014). Adrian's latest De Filmkrant column 'Serve Yourself' offers an extract from the book as a preview of it: the column is on-line here: In the interview, Adrian talks in detail about a particular audiovisual essay -- Intimate Catastrophes -- which he co-edited with Cristina Álavarez López for the Transit: Cine y otros desvíos website.  Also see "[De Palma’s] Vision" by Martin and Álvarez López here: The interview is available from Film Studies For Free's Podbean Site.

Two new cinephilia links from Photogénie!

Great updates in Kracauer Lecture Video Recording Series at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (links via Vinzenz Hediger), including:

New issue of OFFSCREEN (Volume 18.4, 2014) on Television

Preceding issue of OFFSCREEN (18.3, March 2014) on Memory, Cinema and Time

SCOPE, Issue 26, February 2014

See film scholars Ben Sampson and Drew Morton's fantastic VIDEO ESSAY DIPTYCH: Good Dads/Bad Dads: A Tribute to Cinematic Fathers. Morton has also posted all five drafts of his BAD DADS video essay to share his production process: . Also see Morton's ingenious video on Chantal Akerman's Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles: Day x Day x Day:

Michael Chanan has just uploaded his marvellous video tribute to the remarkable Brazilian documentarist Eduardo Coutinho. For further tributes to Coutinho see here

Ian Magor's great video tribute to the films of Bela Tarr:

Interesting audiovisual essay, on film music' relationship to the image track, by students Noémie Lachance and Jana Zander 

Kevin B Lee's TRANSFORMERS: THE PREMAKE (complete version)  

Computers Watching Movies (Inception) by Benjamin Grosser:

"Walden Connection: The Thoreauvian Agenda in UPSTREAM COLOR" Video by Anna Robertson

Michael Heileman's monumental videographic STAR WARS study Kitbashed" 

Great updates at the Ingmar Bergman Foundation website!

Excellent interview with film scholar Richard Misek, creator of the feature length essay film ROHMER IN PARIS: See his short video essay Mapping Rohmer here: 

Souleymane Cissé on Henri Langlois (video 2:24): (Link via Nicole Brenez)

The Österreichisches Filmmuseum has put Vertov's "Kinoweek" online, in digitized form, for free (link via Vinzenz Hediger)

Also at the Österreichisches Filmmuseum's site, video interviews with, among others, Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Benning, Anna Karina, Michel Ciment… Link via David Hudson:

Remembering Eli Wallach, 1915 - 2014:
David Hudson's tribute entry to Robert Gardner, 1925 – 2014, Anthropologist, filmmaker, author and advocate of the avant-garde:

Ehsan Khoshbakht talks to Dariush Mehrjui, Kamran Shirdel and Masoud Kimiai about the first golden age of Iranian cinema:

kinderspiel, a project on children as media archaeologists, media makers and media players (link via Vinzenz Hediger)

Excellent talk by David Archibald:  "Should Scotland have an independent film industry?"

David Bordwell's first dispatch from Bologna (thanks to David Hudson for the link) 

Niamh Thornton on violence in Amat Escalante's 2013 film HELI.

Great article at Sight and Sound, on "The cinema of the Palestinian revolution" 

Call for Papers for the Global Humanitarianism and Media Culture conference in February 2015 

Transit's new video essay dedicated to deers in cinema!

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