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New Film-Philosophy: Haneke, Rivette, Cassavetes, Deleuze, Badiou, Leigh, Bacon, Jarman, Buñuel and more

Frame capture from Happy-Go-Lucky (Mike Leigh, 2008). Read Basileios Kroustallis's take on this film as a thought-experiment

Film Studies For Free is delighted to relay the excellent news that another high-quality  issue of Film-Philosophy has just been published. Edited by David Sorfa, Graham Matthews, Matthew Holtmeier and Ben Tyrer, the issue boasts no fewer than thirteen great articles as well as dozens of book reviews. The former are listed in full and linked to below.

The next annual Film-Philosophy conference will take place in London in September 2012, and the full schedule has recently been published. You can find it here.

Film-Philosophy also has its very own Facebook page and Twitter account.

Film-Philosophy, Vol 16, No 1 (2012)


  1. Interpreting Disturbed Minds: Donald Davidson and The White Ribbon PDF by James J Pearson
  2. Haptic Aurality: Resonance, Listening and Michael Haneke PDF by Lisa Coulthard
  3. To Describe a Labyrinth: Dialectics in Jacques Rivette’s Film Theory and Film Practice PDF by Douglas Morrey
  4. The Subject Trapped in Gomorrah: Undecidability and Choice in Network Cinema PDF by Maria Poulaki
  5. Film as Thought Experiment: A Happy-Go-Lucky Case? PDF by Basileios Kroustallis
  6. Losing Face: Francis Bacon's 25th Hour PDF by Arne De Boever
  7. Charm and Strangeness: The Aesthetic and Epistemic Dimensions of Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein PDF by Kieran Anthony Cashell
  8. Why He Really Doesn’t Get Her: Deleuze’s Whatever-Space and the Crisis of the Male Quest PDF by Niels Niessen
  9. Groundhog Day and the Good Life PDF by Diana Abad
  10. Remystifying Film: Aesthetics, Emotion and The Queen PDF by Stella Hockenhull
  11. Contrapuntal Close-up: The Cinema of John Cassavetes and the Agitation of Sense PDF by Daniele Rugo
  12. Of Bastard Man and Evil Woman, or, the Horror of Sex PDF by Lorenzo Chiesa
  13. Perversity and Post-Marxian Thought in Buñuel’s Late Films PDF by Chad Trevitte
Book reviews

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