Tuesday 7 August 2012

BLADE RUNNER, ALIEN, INCEPTION, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and Spielberg: Five Video Essays by Steven Benedict

Updated on August 9 to include video analyses of Spielberg's films and Ridley Scott's Alien

Film Studies For Free just watched the above, very new, film analytical video essays, spotted on one of its regular trawls of the great video hosting site Vimeo. They are made for educational and critical purposes, using fair use/fair dealing procedures, by the Irish filmmaker, broadcaster, and lecturer Steven Benedict.

They are well edited, wide-ranging, insightful, and great for classroom discussion, to boot. FSFF hopes we'll be seeing more videographic film analyses made by Benedict and that these essays will inspire others, including film students, to explore this rising pedagogical and critical format, too.

There will be a post coming up shortly on the theory and practice of making film/TV educational video essays, so do please look out for that. And check out FSFF's earlier collection of links on Christopher Nolan's films.

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Anonymous said...

Mind blowingly Very good - you might not agree fully with Steven's analysis, but the way he weaves an argument using cinema's past to explain a movie's raison d'etre is very interesting. These five essays are the same as his podcasts, only you can see what he is trying to explain, which is alot more powerful