Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New Screening the Past

The Portraitist
Image from The Portraitist/Portrecista (Ireneusz Dobrowolski, 2005),  Read Frances Guerin's essay on this film.

The developments of new digital technologies and representational forms have revived interest between photography and cinema, an interest that is both creative and critical. Independent filmmakers are availing themselves of alternative exhibition formats and spaces for their work, and moving image experimentation is now commonplace in the fields of contemporary fine art, design, music, and theatre.
     For this Special Issue of Screening the Past, guest editors Des O’Rawe and Sam Rohdie bring together a collection of original articles on the aesthetic and institutional relations between film, photography, and the visual arts, in particular writing that is attentive to cinematic forms and their recon­figuration within the contemporary visual arts.
As always, Film Studies For Free's little beating heart almost leapt out of its digital body at the news that a new issue of the Screening the Past journal had hit the e-stands. It's a special issue, the theme of which is Cinema/Photography: Beyond Representation (Issue 29, 2010). Below is the table of contents:

First Release
Classics and Re-runs

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