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Networking Knowledge on Michael Mann, Lindsay Anderson, Barbara Stanwyck and much more

Will Smith as Muhammad Ali in Ali (Michael Mann, 2001) [See Vincent M Gaine's article on this and other Mann films]
From time to time, Film Studies For Free can be ever so dim. It has referred on a number of occasions in previous posts to choice items published in the online periodical Networking Knowledge: Journal of the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) Post-Graduate Network (PGN). But it omitted to mention the journal in its permanent listing of Online Film and Media Studies Journals. D'oh!

Not only has FSFF now rectified this unfortunate error, but it has decided to carry out proper penance in the form of the below complete listing of direct links to all items so far published in this excellent journal, including many articles of note on film and moving image studies. Enjoy!
Re-Mediated Mann:The Re-Mediation of Public Figures and Events in The Insider and Ali PDF
Vincent M Gaine
The Cinema Authorship of Lindsay Anderson: Anderson’s Directorial Practice PDF
Isabelle Gourdin-Sangouard
Publicising the News: Publicity and Australian Commercial Television News PDF
Michaela Jackson
Th’ Abstract of All Faults: Antony vs. the Hegemonic Man PDF
Rachael Kelly
Reporting Religion and Enemy Images in the Nigerian Press PDF
Odamah Musa
Journalistic Blogs in China: Political Dissent and the Formation of a Public Sphere PDF
Hai Tang
The Role of Media in Supporting Communication in Cultural Institutions. Case Study: Communicating Media Art PDF
Michela Negrini

Activism, Resistance and Online Presence

Digital vs Material: the Everyday Construction of Mediated Political Action Abstract PDF
Veronica Barassi
Igorots in the Blogosphere: Claiming Spaces, Re-constructing Identities Abstract PDF
Liezel C. Longboan
Blogging in China: Freedom of Expression vs Political Censorship in Sexual and Satirical Blogs Abstract PDF
Hai Thang

The Press and the Political Process

Scottish Press Coverage of UK General Elections after Devolution: the 2001 and 2005 Campaigns Abstract PDF
Marina Dekavalla

Women and the Media

“Focus on the Housewife”: the BBC and the Post-war Woman, 1945-1955 Abstract PDF
Kristin Skoog
The Representation of Motherhood in Post-socialist Chinese Cinema Abstract PDF
Huili Hao

Theorising Film

‘We’re on Flashdrive or CD-ROM’: Disassembly and Deletion in the Digital Noir of Collateral Abstract PDF
Vincent M. Gaine
Indeterminate Film-thinking and Interpretation Abstract PDF
Jimmy Billingham

Audiences and Fans

Underworld vs the World of Darkness: Players and Filmgoers Respond to a Legal Battle Abstract PDF
Rachel Mizsei Ward
Wots Not Queer: the Search for Sexual Representation in Audience Research Abstract PDF
Craig Haslop

Screen Icons

From Below to Above the Title: the Construction of the Star Image of Barbara Stanwyck, 1930-1935 Abstract PDF
Linda Berkvens
The Iconography of Mark Antony Abstract PDF
Rachael Kelly

Locating Media Productions

Representing National Culture, Values and Identity in the Brazilian Television Mini-series Abstract PDF
Niall Brennan
‘I Will Survive’: Forty Years of Amber Films and the Evolution of Regional Film Policy Abstract PDF
Paul O'Reilly

Place, Communication, Translation

Read My Voice: Expressing Silence and Sound in Text-messages Abstract PDF
Agnieszka Knaś
The Medium is Global, the Content is not: Translating Commercial Websites Abstract PDF
Yvonne Lee

Branding, Advertising and Corporate Cultures

Steve Jobs: the human logo Abstract PDF
Chloe Peacock
Interpersonal Communication Competence in SME Internationalization Abstract PDF
Pipsa Purhonen

Design for Screen

One Form, Many Letters: Fluid and transient letterforms in screen-based typographic artefacts Abstract PDF
Barbara Brownie

Fan Culture and Online Audiences

Dressing up as Vampires: Virtual vamps - negotiating female identity in cyberspace Abstract PDF
Maria Mellins

Film and Theatre

The Playwright as Filmmaker: History, Theory and Practice Abstract PDF
Othniel Smith

Imperialism and Globalisation

The evolution of Hollywood's representation of Arabs before 9/11: the relationship between political events and the notion of 'Otherness' Abstract PDF
Sulaiman Arti

Popular Culture

"Little Englander" : Fawlty Towers - A textual analysis of nationalistic ideology Abstract PDF
Matthew Bartley

Public Service Broadcasting and Radio

Reducing the difference between citizens and consumers: a critical discourse analysis of the Communications White Paper 2000 Abstract PDF
Simon Dawes

Reporting the Conflict

The Ideology of Objectivity: Constructs of Language in the Popular Press of Early Twentieth-Century Britain Abstract PDF
Claudia Heske
Explaining Media Frames of Contested Foreign Conflicts: Irish National ‘Opinion Leader’ Newspapers’ Frames of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (July 2000 to July 2004) Abstract PDF
Mary O'Regan

Sexual Representations in Cinema

The Killer Father and the Final Mother: Womb-Envy in The CellAbstract PDF
Shweta Sharma

Still Image

Photojournalism as a Creator of Values: otherness in Sámi representations Abstract PDF
Heli Lehtela

Uses of Music and Sound in Film

Music, identity, and oblivion Abstract PDF
Gerry Moorey

Sound and Image: Alternative Methods of Research and Presentation

Summary of Panel Presentations Abstract PDF
Dr Charlotte Crofts
'High Definitions': Articulating Media Practice As Research Abstract PDF
Dr Charlotte Crofts
Video Diary Making as a Research Method: Just Another Jargon of Authenticity? Abstract PDF
Tony Dowmunt

Bringing Work Back to School: Professional Experience in Media Research

Dilemmas of Ethnographic Research: The Practitioner/Academic’s Quandary Abstract PDF
Somnath Batabyal
A Return to the ‘Big’ Discourse : Interviewing History Documentary-Makers Abstract PDF
Dafydd Sills-Jones

Theoretical Models in Mass Media Practice: Perspectives from the West

Introduction Abstract PDF
Line Thomsen
Do Journalists know how to listen and should they be taught how to? Some thoughts on contemporary interviewing practices. Abstract PDF
Gavin Rees
‘Documents of Ordinariness – The BBC Video Nation Project’ Abstract PDF
Jo Henderson
Daily or Diary? Towards a New Profile in e-Journalism Abstract PDF
Cristina Perales, Mon Rodríguez
A Shield for Whom? First Amendment Implications of a Federal Shield Law Abstract PDF
Patrice Holderbach

Theoretical Models in Mass Media Practice: Perspectives from the Developing World

Introduction Abstract PDF
Venkata Vemuri
Journalism and Political Democracy in Brazil Abstract PDF
Dr Carolina Matos
‘Reporting Back’: Al Jazeera English Abstract PDF
Nina Bigalke
Grounds for Development: Media Development Practice and Theory in Post-Conflict Afghanistan Abstract PDF
Sarah Kamal
Understanding the Complexity of Journalistic Practices: the Case of Xinhua Abstract PDF
Dr Xin Xin

Double Vocations: Media Practice and Theory

Introduction Abstract PDF
Dafydd Sills-Jones
Media Corporatism: Whither Journalistic Values? Abstract PDF
George Nyabuga

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