Monday 16 March 2009

Music to the Eyes: Film Music Essays and Resources Online

Film Studies For Free silently but sonorously brings you its list of links to high-quality and freely accessible online scholarly writings pertaining to music, sound, film, video, and television (last updated 19 May 2009).
Further essential resources may be found at FilmSound.Org, SonicObjects and USC Thornton Film Composers Know the Score (YouTube video).


Todd said...

Your post contains a lot of very helpful information. I'm glad to find it.

And thanks much for the reference to my analysis of Herrmann's score for "The Day the Earth Stood Still!"

Todd Fiegel

Anonymous said...

Wow, Catherine! That's quite a list. You've excelled yourself on this one. I'm not sure I'll get chance to read much of it, but I'm glad it's here as a reference guide.

Catherine Grant said...

Thanks a lot, Todd and Dan. This list's been in the pipeline for a while. But if anyone knows of any other Open Access essays/e-theses/e-books on film (or TV) music I've missed, so far, I'll be updating the post as I'm alerted to these so please email me or comment. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I'm from Germany and searching for essays for a paper I have to write. It's about Music in Silent Films ... There've been alot of good essays - but I haven't actually found one on the Silent Film Era.
Do you have an idea where I could look for stuff like that? That's a topic which is not really well researched :(

Maybe you've got an idea? :)

Thanks, Jana W.