Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Wildlife filmmaking plus early Hawks blogathon

Film Studies For Free will return later today, hopefully, with some more substantial electronic enlightenment (and, indeed, campaigning!), but a couple of quick items first, just to get the blog-juice flowing nicely.

Over the course of the next twelve days, from January 12 to January 23, I'll [...] be talking about Tiger Shark, along with all the other early Hawks films [1926-1936] I've been able to locate: the 1928 silent A Girl in Every Port plus the majority of his sound films made between 1930 and 1936. I hope that I'll have lots of company, too. I welcome contributions about specific films as well as more general posts discussing broader aspects of Hawks' early career. I especially hope, since I don't have access to most of Hawks' silents, that those who have seen them will take the opportunity to weigh in. Below is a full list of all the films that I consider eligible subjects for discussion, plus a compendium of various pre-existing posts on early Hawks. As new posts are submitted, I will add them to the master list below.If you have a post, simply comment here with a link or e-mail me, and I will add it to this post, which will serve as the central gathering place for the blog-a-thon. I really look forward to reading what everyone has to say, and hopefully participating in lots of lively discussions about these films.

DAY 1 (January 12): A Girl in Every Port at Only The Cinema; and Twentieth Century at Another Old Movie Blog

PRE-EVENT READING:Ceiling Zero & The Road To Glory at Greenbriar Picture Show; Come and Get It at DVD Talk; Come and Get It at Self-Styled Siren; The Criminal Code at Apocalypse Later; The Crowd Roars at Colet and Company; The Crowd Roars at Movie Classics; A Girl in Every Port at Senses of Cinema; A Girl in Every Port at Shadowplay; Scarface at Senses of Cinema; Scarface at Twenty Four Frames; Scarface at Only The Cinema; Tiger Shark & The Road To Glory at Auteurs Notebook; Today We Live at Apocalypse Later; Twentieth Century at Only The Cinema

THE FILMS: The Road To Glory (1926); Fig Leaves (1926); The Cradle Snatchers (1927); Paid To Love (1927); A Girl In Every Port (1928); Fazil (1928); The Air Circus (1928, w/ Lewis Seiler); Trent's Last Case (1929); The Dawn Patrol (1930); The Criminal Code (1931); Scarface (1932); The Crowd Roars (1932); Tiger Shark (1932); Today We Live (1933); The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933, w/ W.S. Van Dyke); Viva Villa! (1934, w/ Jack Conway, William Wellman); Twentieth Century (1934); Barbary Coast (1935, w/ William Wyler); Ceiling Zero (1936); The Road to Glory (1936); Come and Get It (1936, w/ Richard Rosson, William Wyler)

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