Friday 29 January 2016

The Film-Play's the Thing: RIP Jacques Rivette 1928-2016

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"Every Rivette film has its Eisenstein/Lang/Hitchcock side—an impulse to design and plot, dominate and control—and its Renoir/Hawks/Rossellini side: an impulse to 'let things go', open one's self up to the play and power of other personalities, and watch what happens". [Jonathan Rosenbaum]

Film Studies For Free was very sad to hear of the death of Jacques Rivette at the age of 87. In warm memory of and tribute to his work, it has gathered together in one place (below) quite a few links to video- and written essays by others (and by him) on his films, mostly ones that it has shared before.

But as the remarkable (somewhat frozen in time) website Order of the Exile has been honouring and exploring his work since 2007, that is most definitely the best to go for remembrance and reflection. Then there is also the wonderful, customary tribute being maintained by David Hudson at Keyframe | Fandor.

Film about Rivette:

Excerpts from Claire Denis's 1988 film for television Jacques Rivette, Le veilleur/The Watchman in which of Serge Daney interviews Rivette on his early interest in filmmaking, his days with Cahiers du cinéma, and his first meetings with Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, and Eric Rohmer.

Video essays about Rivette's films:

An audiovisual essay by Joel Bocko and Covadonga G. Lahera. Part 5 (the latest) in an ongoing series (more are embedded below). Commissioned by Chris Luscri to mark the ongoing set of screenings, activities and new criticism centred around the new 2K restoration of Rivette's 1971 magnum opus OUT 1 - NOLI ME TANGERE.

Paratheatre: Plays Without Stages by Cristina Alvarez López and Adrian Martin. See text at MUBI here

Also watch:

Other links:
* Thanks to Girish Shambu for flagging up these essential links (added a few hours after the original post was published).

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Robert said...

A great loss- and just as "Out 1" and "Paris Belongs to us" were finally about to get long overdue attention here in the US. Thanks for posting this...