Thursday, 28 January 2016

New FILM CRITICISM, FILM-PHILOSOPHY, 12 new film and media open access eBooks, Mulvey and Dyer interviews, and lots of other links!

"[A] dense yet concise study (and experience) of the intricate poetic-cinematic patterning of Andrea Arnold’s 2009 film Fish Tank..." , published as part of the article: “Beyond tautology? Audiovisual Film Criticism”, FILM CRITICISM, Vol. 40, No.1, 2016. For a full list of Grant's online publications on audiovisual film studies to date, click here.

Film Studies For Free's latest entry is replete with openly accessible scholarly goodies. So what's new? Lots of things!

First off, two major journals in our field have moved to new (public) houses! Film Criticism celebrates its fortieth anniversary issue with a move to an open access format, under the expert new editorship of Joseph Tompkins, who, to mark this welcome shift, commissioned lots of scholars to meditate on the ever mutating space of film criticism. Meanwhile, Film-Philosophy, a very long-standing, always fully open access academic journal dedicated to the engagement between film studies and philosophy, is now published by Edinburgh University Press and remains completely open access. A good job by its excellent editor David Sorfa. The new issues of both journals are set out and linked to below, followed by a lovingly compiled list of nine new open access ebooks sourced at Oapen, and a whole host of further delectable items of openly accessible film (and TV) scholarly interest (including three further OA ebooks).

Embedded immediately below, though, are two of the latest instalments in the Fieldnotes series of interviews, with Laura Mulvey and Richard Dyer. Fieldnotes is a Society for Cinema and Media Studies project to conduct, circulate and archive interviews with pioneers of film and media studies. In addition to recognizing the contributions of key scholars, the project also aims to foster knowledge of and interest in the diverse and dynamic developments that have shaped -- and continue to shape -- our expanding field. Fieldnotes is currently led by Haidee Wasson, with the help of a committee comprised of Patrice Petro and Barbara Klinger. It is sponsored both by SCMS and by ARTHEMIS, a Concordia University based research team investigating the history and epistemology of moving image studies.

The full list of Fieldnotes interviewees, to date, is given below - all interviews are accessible here
Francesco Cassetti interviewed by Luca Caminati; John Caughie interviewed by Haidee Wasson; Mary Ann Doane interviewed by Patrice Petro; Richard Dyer interviewed by Barbara Klinger; Thomas Elsaesser interviewed by Patrice Petro; Lucy Fischer interviewed by Paula Massud; Tom Gunning interviewed by Scott Curtis; Gertrud Koch interviewed by Robin Curtis; Scott MacDonald interviewed by Joan Hawkins; Laura Mulvey interviewed by Catherine Grant; James Naremore interviewed by Jake Smith; Ted Perry interviewed by Christian Keathley; Janet Staiger interviewed by Charles Acland; Linda Williams interviewed by Tom Waugh.

Film Criticism, 40.1, 2016. 
Now OPEN ACCESS and online at: (will shortly be accessible also at its existing URL:

Film-Philosophy, Vol. 20, No. 1, February, 2016:
Special Section: Film-Philosophy and a World of Cinemas

9 Open Access eBOOKS sourced at Oapen! (3 more OA ebooks in the list after this!)

Assorted links

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