Monday, 16 September 2013

FILMICON: The New Journal That Will Launch a Thousand (Plus) Greek Film Studies

Film Studies For Free is delighted to announce the launch of Filmicon: Journal of Greek Film Studies. A peer-reviewed, open access and cross-cultural project, its mission (excerpted from, below) is a refreshing, important and timely one, indeed.

The lively and original contents of its first issue are also linked to below. FSSF would particularly like to flag up Olga Kourelou's brilliantly useful English-language bibliography on Greek Cinema (2010-13), which contains links to numerous online and open access items of further interest, and Deb Verhoeven's excellent study of the Greek film circuit in Australia

FSFF wishes Filmicon the very best of luck: Καλὴ τύχη! 

Screen shot of Filmicon's mission

Filmicon: Journal of Greek Film Studies, Issue 1, September 2013 

EDITORIAL: Creating an Open-Access, Cross-cultural Home for Greek Film Studies




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