Tuesday 11 September 2012

New SCREENING THE PAST on 'Untimely Cinema'

Framegrab from Histoire(s) du cinéma (Jean-Luc Godard, 1998). Please read Adrian Martin's new essay A Skeleton Key to Histoire(s) du cinéma

The question of whether cinema has run out of time, and the related question of whether it is also, therefore, out of ‘its’ time (cinema as ‘heritage’ media, a relic from another era) are questions that are often posed by, and to, those working in cinema studies today. For well over a decade, film theorists and film historians have evocatively, rigorously and at times relentlessly theorised and debated the question of whether cinema is dead, dying, living on borrowed time, or doing what it has so often done – refigure itself. In titling this essay, and this issue, “Untimely Cinema: Cinema Out of Time” we consider this idea in two seemingly very different ways. [Jodi Brooks and Therese Davis, 'Untimely Cinema: Cinema Out of Time', Screening the Past, ISsue 43, 2012 ]

A really wonderful new issue of Screening the Past, one of the best online and openly accessible film studies journals, has just been published, so Film Studies For Free rushes you the news. It's a timely special issue on Untimely Cinema guest edited by Jodi Brooks and Therese Davis.

The contents are incredibly rich and wide-ranging and are listed, and linked to, below.

Untimely Cinema: Cinema Out of Time

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