Tuesday, 3 July 2012

FRAMES on "Film and Moving Image Studies: Re-Born Digital?"

Well, it's been mighty quiet round these parts for a while, and one of the reasons is that Film Studies For Free's supremo was very kindly invited to conceive of, and guest-edit, the inaugural, themed issue of a brand new open access journal run by Film Studies graduate students at the University of St. Andrews (who were led, on this occasion, by Frames founding editor Fredrik Gustafsson - also a film blogger of distinction).

The journal Frames— now added to FSFF's permanent listing of online film and moving studies periodicals—will go on to further great things.

But first issues don't generally get any more bumper, more multimedia—half the contributions focus on, or contain, audiovisual film and moving image studies—or more filled with the work of truly wonderful contributors than this! It's also a particularly timely issue, as its introduction sets out.
[A]s honoured guest editor of this inaugural issue of the online journal Frames [...], I invited 39 fellow film and moving image scholars (including established and emergent film scientists, archivists, publishers, and film and video makers), all of them digital-participant-observers of one kind or another, to contribute their responses in a variety of forms to a semi-rhetorical question: ‘have film and moving image studies been “re-born” digital?’  In other words, what can we do now that we couldn’t before—and what can we no longer do as well—as a result of our increasing take up of particular digital scholarly technologies? Is a language of ‘re-vitalization’ an appropriate one to describe digital developments in our subjects? [Catherine Grant, ‘Film and Moving Image Studies: Re-Born Digital? Some Participant Observations', Frames, 1.1, 2012]
The Table of Contents with links to all items is set out below. Thanks so much to everyone involved—and especially to Fredrik—for their hard work. It was a pleasure working with you all.

In future weeks, FSFF will profile and discuss particular aspects of the issue. But, from tomorrow, this blogger will be on her annual, offline, holiday for two weeks until July 20th, when she hopes to be re-born digital all over again!

Frames, Issue 1, July 2012: Film and Moving Image Studies Re-Born Digital? Guest-edited by Catherine Grant

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