Thursday 5 April 2012

Studies of Long-Form Television, Part 1: THE WIRE

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Erlend Lavik on 'Style in The Wire', April 2012

Jason Mittell, 'Serial Boxes: The Cultural Value of Long-Form American Television' [a Presentation given at the 'Serial Forms' conference in Zurich, June 2009] Also read Mittell's text about this presentation

Film Studies For Free begins a little series of entries that ... is... not ... on ... Film Studies ... as it is ... most narrowly ... defined. GASP! Choke. [Recovers characteristic composure].

It was inspired not only by that great, film and media studies, disciplinary leveller that is the DVD, but also, and especially, by Jason Mittell's hugely ground-breaking, open peer-reviewed, online, 'book-in-progress': Complex TV: The Poetics of Contemporary Television Storytelling, as well as by the publication today of Erlend Lavik's first online video essay, above, on the American television drama series The Wire. These are both, in their own ways, impressive and very in-depth studies that merit a wide viewership/readership, as do the other excellent resources listed below on this legendary television series.

If FSFF is missing any important, openly accessible studies, do please leave a comment to that effect with a link. Many thanks.
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