Wednesday 25 April 2012

Film as a Subversive Art: R.I.P. Amos Vogel

Film Studies For Free was very sad to learn of the death yesterday of Amos Vogel. Austrian born Vogel was best known for his bestselling book Film as a Subversive Art (1974) and also as the founder of the New York City avant-garde ciné-club Cinema 16 (1947–1963).

David Hudson has gathered some great memorial links. And at the Sticking Place website you will find lots of links to excerpts from Vogel's writings as well as writing about him.

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Joel Bocko said...

RIP indeed. I had heard that Amos Vogel was ailing - because I hoped to do an interview with him last year and it wasn't possible. Many years ago I had a chance meeting with him when I lived in New York, before I had heard of him and his book, and he was extraordinarily friendly. I wrote about the experience and some of the films he covered here a few months ago:

I hope you & your readers enjoy.