Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Full Length Feature Films Free Online via BFI and Daily Motion

Film Studies For Free can't believe its eyes!!

The British Film Institute has entered into a partnership with the advertising-supported, video-streaming site Daily Motion to provide access to some of the incredible wealth of films that the BFI has funded and distributed over many years.

Currently, as of today, the new channel is hosting 47 films of varying lengths, from amazing silents to rare poetic documentaries (like Chris Petit's Radio On), as well as some incredibly important live action and animated fiction films, including a number of otherwise hard to see works by Terrence Davies and Lotte Reininger.

A must-visit site and a hugely laudable resource. Thank you BFI.


Anonymous said...

None of these are watchable outside the UK. Or at least I can't watch them here in New Zealand.

Catherine Grant said...

Thanks for letting us know about the Antipodean geo-blocking. Very sorry to hear that.

omar said...

Wow, my jaw just dropped! A cinephile's dream made a reality. Ta.

Moira Finnie said...

I have been able to see these films in the United States without any problem. Thank you so much for posting this, Catherine. I am passing this info along to everyone I know who loves movies.

Catherine Grant said...

Moira and Omar, Thanks for your comments.