Sunday, 4 July 2010

On Todd Haynes: Happy Independence Day!

Film Studies For Free is off on its annual holiday. 
Back in two weeks. Hasta entonces, lectores queridos

Richard Dyer, Professor of Film Studies at University of Warwick and author of White and The Matter of Images will join Todd Haynes to discuss issues raised by his work and the Hopper film programme at the Tate Modern, London, June 4, 2004.

In the first of a two-part interview, Reel Report speaks to maverick American director Todd Haynes about his latest movie I'm Not There, an unconventional rock biopic about the life of music legend Bob Dylan. Haynes talks about the challenges of telling Dylan's story, casting the six very different actors who play Dylan, and how he plans to take on the Bush administration with his next project (December 7, 2007).

In the second part of Reel Report's two-part interview with Todd Haynes, director of I'm Not There, the rock biopic about the life of Bob Dylan, we talk more generally about aspects of his filmmaking. In particular we ask him about his unique way of story-telling, his approach to the concept of film genres and whether his sexuality has an effect on his ability to interpret characters (December 18, 2007).

On this very appropriate day, Film Studies For Free honours Todd Haynes, a true and truly wonderful American independent filmmaker, with links, above and below, to great videos and many freely accessible and high quality online studies of his work.

Haynes is a big favourite at this blog, and why wouldn't he be as one of the most "cinema-studies literate" filmmakers working today. Here's looking forward to his forthcoming reworking of that Film Studies classic Mildred Pierce...

 Cornell Cinema events May 6, 2008


Larry Gross said...

Catherine--huge fan of your blog. Can I plaintively suggest inclusion of two of my pieces on Todd Haynes in your excellent listing?

Todd Haynes
Antibodies. Larry Gross talks with Safe's Todd Haynes, from Filmmaker Magazine, Summer 1995 VOL. 3, #4.

I'm Not There - Film Society of Lincoln Center

Larry Gross

Dan North said...

Great stuff. While we're all being cheeky, can I add my piece on Superstar to the pile? There's only one other article about it on your list, so it shouldn't be overkill: