Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Film 'Conversations With History': Stanley Cavell, Oliver Stone, Robert Wise, and others

Stanley Cavell, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Harvard University, joins UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler to talk about his life as a philosopher and his passion for movies as part of Kreisler's Conversations with History series.

Thanks a lot for your nice comments about Film Studies For Free's A-Z of Favourite Scholarly blogs post. If it had its fun time compiling the list all over again, the rather absent-minded FSFF would add the following two favourite items: f i l m j o u r n e y . o r g and Latest Articles on Moving Image Source (indeed they, and one or two others, will be added when the list joins the right-hand menus of this blog).

Today, Film Studies For Free is thrilled to bring you links to the great videos and transcripts of interviews with filmmakers and filmthinkers that form part of UC Berkeley's Conversations with History series. All the videos last roughly an hour, so these are rich resources indeed. The full film-related index is HERE.

See also Harry Kreisler's Conversations with History Blog for further updates about this series.


Doug said...

Catherine, thanks for adding my site. It's five years in running now, and it's wonderful to see how serious film discussion on the Internet has grown over time. Your own site is a favorite of mine, with amazingly useful links. (Case in point--The Film Conversations with History!)

Catherine Grant said...

Doug, Thanks for the nice comment. I'm a big admirer of filmjourney.org and also of unspokencinema.blogspot.com. Thanks for all your work over the years. Glad you like the Conversations with history resources.