Tuesday, 7 March 2017

New ALPHAVILLE on The New Old: Archaisms and Anachronisms across Media!

Vicky McClure as Lol in This Is England 86 (Shane Meadows et al, 2009) as discussed by Louis Bayman in his article "Retro Quality and Historical Consciousness in Contemporary European Television"

Film Studies For Free today links to another recent issue of a sterling open access screen media studies journal: ALPHAVILLE, Issue 12, guest edited by Stefano Baschiera and Elena Caoduro. It is devoted
to the presence of archaisms and anachronisms in the contemporary mediascape and contributes to the current interdisciplinary debates around the nostalgia phenomena. Over the past decade, the digitalisation of culture has revolutionised the way we experience and consume the arts and the mass media, deeply affecting how these are perceived in their materiality. The tangibility of cultural objects, now caught in a constant process of remediation, has slightly waned: books, photographs, films, comic books, music, maps etc. are increasingly present in our life in their digital form. At the same time, the digital disruption of media industries has contributed to the emergence of a postmodern “nostalgia for the analogue” with the rapid increase of faux-vintage and retro phenomena in different aspects of media culture. [Baschiera and Caoduro]

Book Reviews Editor: Loretta Goff

Reports Editor: Caroline Schroeter

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