Saturday, 21 December 2013

Two x FRAMES: 'The Political Western Beyond Cold War Frontiers' and 'Promotional Materials'

Film scholar Tim Bergfelder giving a talk which is embedded at the latest issue of Frames

Today, Film Studies For Free rounds up two, very fine, 2013 issues of the e journal Frames. Feast your eyes on all the links below.

The latest issue on the political western is just out. The earlier issue, on film and television promotional materials, will form part of a long in preparation bumper FSFF collection on paratextuality that will now appear in the new year, along with other (very long in preparation) posts: on the magnificence of Caboose, a film studies publisher with a marvellous attitude to freely available content; on découpage; and on many other topics.... 2013 has proved to be just too short a year to cram all this in.

There's still one more FSFF entry to go before the holidays, though, so please look out for that on Monday. In the meantime, happy solstice!

Frames, Issue 4, December 2013: Commies and Indians: The Political Western Beyond Cold War Frontiers 


Frames, Issue 3, May 2013: Promotional Materials 

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