Sunday, 17 March 2013


Frame grab from Sans Soleil/Sunless (Chris Marker, 1983)
Oooh! Film Studies For Free's Sunday is complete: a new issue of Senses of Cinema is out. It has some eye-wateringly good items. Just skim, scan and click below.

Senses of Cinema, Issue 66 , March 2013
Editorial Introduction


Great Director: Albie Thoms Dossier – Contents 
Adrian Danks's Introduction to the Dossier
  1. The Ubu Moment and Australian Experimental Film: Interviews with Albie Thoms by Danni Zuvela for OtherFilm 
  2. Albie – A Well-Directed Life by Tina Kaufman 
  3. Albie Thoms (dissimilis aliqua alia) by Peter Mudie 
  4. Why Albie Thoms? – A Singular Commitment and a Figure Displaced by Barrett Hodsdon 
  5. Days of Future Past: Albie Thoms’ Polemics by Jake Wilson 
  6. Memoir of Albie by John Flaus 
  7. Albie Thoms as an Historian by Graham Shirley 
  8. Albie Thoms Refractions by Danni Zuvela for OtherFilm
Cinémathèque Annotations on Film
Book Reviews Festival Reports

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