Monday, 10 December 2012

Best Online Film Studies Resources in 2012: Announcing a Readers' Poll!

Dear Film Studies For Free Readers,

One of FSFF's most popular and most useful blog entries last year was its December 20 roundup: FSFF's Favourite Online Film Studies Resources in 2011.

It will repeat this endeavour this year. But FSFF will make things much more interesting, hopefully, by inviting readers' suggestions, and trying to reflect the views gathered in the results.

Below are last year's categories. Please feel free to respond to these headers or suggest new ones (FSFF will itself inaugurate some videographical/multimedia film studies categories, for example).

You can leave suggestions in the comments below, tweet them to @filmstudiesff, leave them at the Film Studies For Free Facebook page, or send your nominees to FSFF by email. Please feel free to self-nominate!

Let the crowdsourcing begin!!

Lots of love from

Film Studies For Free xx

  1. Top film and moving image studies history resources online in 2012
  2. Top Film Studies bloggers
  3. Best new Film Studies blog/website
  4. Best Media Studies approaches to film and moving image studies' blog/website
  5. Most consistently original, Film and Moving Image Studies writer active online
  6. Best Film Studies informed, commercial film criticism website
  7. Best new online film journal in 2012
  8. Best recently established online academic Film Studies journal
  9. Best established online Film Studies journals
  10. Most generous, Open Access Film Studies author
  11. Best online cinephile news and criticism site
  12. Best cinephile salon site
  13. Best multimedia/multiplatform/multichannel-style film and moving image studies websites
  14. Most impactful online Film Studies work in 2012
  15. Best Film Studies academic links on Twitter
  16. Best non-academic, film studies-informed, online film critics
  17. Ten favourite FSFF blogposts (and blogpost clusters) in 2012
  18. FSFF's most read post in 2012
  19. Most popular resource at FSFF
  20. Best search engine for Open Access Film Studies


Unknown said...

I here by nominate Cinephilia & Beyond ( the Best Online Film Studies Resource in 2012! :)

I don't know in which category it goes, it has Blog-like features and looks, but i don't see it as merely a blog, it's like a movie lover's paradise :)

Stephanie Rogers said...

I'm self-nominating Bitch Flicks for the best non-academic, film studies-informed, online film critics category.

And, bonus, it's devoted exclusively to discussing women in film and television!

Jason Haggstrom said...

Alrighty. I can't resist your kind opportunity to spread the word. I'll self-nominate (Reel 3) for best non-academic, film studies-informed, online film critic (even though my blogging is very, very infrequent). Here's a taste:

Fight Club and the IKEA Personality
In the Cut: Subverting Visual Pleasure
A Serious Man: On Sex, Manhood, and Not Thinking

Carl Schoenfeld said...

Would this have authority without the great classic, David Bordwell's blog in general, and his Deconstructive Editing case study of Pick Pocket in particular?