Tuesday 12 June 2012

The Cine-Files on the French New Wave

Today, Film Studies For Free is delighted to flag up wonderful work by the graduate students of the Cinema Studies master's program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. They recently published the second volume of their bi-annual online journal, the Cine-Files.  This issue's theme is the French New Wave.

FSFF particularly liked the really interesting take on this well-worn topic - the interviews with luminaries (including Dudley Andrew, Richard Neupert, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Sylvie Blum-Reid and Timothy Corrigan) were an especially nice touch. This blog also very much appreciated the three student filmmaker takes on the New Wave's influence, including Jae Matthews' compelling reflection on Chabrol's Les Bonnes femmes/Good Time Gals - not only because the latter afforded an always welcome opportunity to newly embed its old video essay on the very same (favourite) film (see above). Very well done, guys!
The Legacy of the French New Wave … The Experts Answer the Cine-Files' Questions:

Featured Scholarship:

Student Filmmakers Reflect on the New Wave’s influence:

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Joel Bocko said...

I love how inevitable (yet still surprising) Chabrol makes that returned gaze at the end of the film. As you say, we're waiting for something to happen, and because we've been cast increasingly as voyeurs throughout the movie it only makes sense that the voyeurism is finally acknowledged with one cool, assertive, yet mysterious spiking of the camera.