Monday, 14 May 2012

Audiovisual Alfred Hitchcock Studies - For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon 2012

'Does Your Dog Bite?' 
A video essay by Christian Keathley on a canine moment in Strangers on a Train (Alfred Hitchcock, 1951).

Skipping Rope (Through Hitchcock's Joins) 
A videographic assemblage by Catherine Grant of all the edits in Rope (Hitchcock, 1948), together with adjacent dialogue.
You can read more about Rope and about the context of this video here.

Film Studies For Free proudly presents, above and below, its annual contribution in support of the wonderful "For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon", May 13-18, 2012. Two video essays (above) -- one newly published online for this occasion by Christian Keathley, the other newly made for it by FSFF's author -- plus (below) links to/embeds of lots more, fascinating and openly accessible, audiovisual studies of Hitchcock's films.

This year, this Blogathon will raise funds to finance the online streaming of, and recording of a new score for, The White Shadow (1923), directed by Graham Cutts and with everything else done by Hitchcock:
The film was long thought to have be a lost film. In August 2011, the National Film Preservation Foundation announced that the first three reels of the six-reel picture had been found in the garden shed of Jack Murtagh in Hastings, New Zealand in 1989 and donated to the NFPF. The film cans were mislabled Two Sisters and Unidentified American Film and only later identified. The film was restored by Park Road Studios and is now in the New Zealand Film Archive [The White Shadow Wikipedia entry] 
Please consider supporting this cause by making a donation-- however small or large -- at this link. Thank you! 

And a huge thanks, also, to Farran Nehme (read her great post on Farley Grainger who features in both of the new video essays), Marilyn Ferdinand and Rod Heath for devoting their marvellous websites and energies to assembling a team of well over one hundred bloggers from around the world to respond to this cause -- the third, great, year in a row.

If you know of any further Alfred Hitchcock video essays of interest online, which aren't listed above or below, please leave a link in the comments.

  1. Vertigo Variations, Pt 1 A few ways of seeing Alfred Hitchcock's impossible object by B. Kite and Alexander Points-Zollo
  2. Vertigo Variations, Pt 2 by B. Kite and Alexander Points-Zollo
  3. Vertigo Variations, Pt 3 by B. Kite and Alexander Points-Zollo

(except for: Easy Virtue (1927); Blackmail (1929); Foreign Correspondent (1940); Suspicion (1941); Spellbound (1945); The Paradine Case (1947); Under Capricorn (1949))


Marilyn said...

These videos are terribly interesting. I particularly liked the side-by-side Psycho shower scenes, and of course, the "Does Your Dog Bite" is wonderfully realized. Thanks for participating in the blogathon and bringing all these wonderful videos to readers!

Catherine Grant said...

Thanks Marilyn, and thanks for all your labours for The Love of Film! Hope the money-raising side of the Blogathon is going well! Looking forward to watching THE WHITE SHADOW with its new score for free online as a result.

Joe Thompson said...

Interesting stuff. I will be back to absorb more. Thanks for gathering this all together.