Sunday, 6 November 2011

100+ Film and Film Studies Related FACEBOOK Pages

Film Studies for Free's bijou, and very welcoming, second home on Facebook

Facebook is a free-to-access, if somewhat 'gated', empire. The also free and not-at-all gated Film Studies For Free sought out new friends and pastures there a couple of years ago by taking up residence at its own public page. It's proven to be a very convenient spot for FSFF's choicest, one-off recommendations, as indeed is @filmstudiesff on Twitter.

But FSFF has also been assembling a permanent listing of fellow Facebook film and moving image studies related pages.

Below, for your handy convenience, and in no particular order, is the list as it currently stands today, with links to just under 120, highly 'likable' resources. If you know of a good and relevant page that has not yet made it to this list, please leave a comment about it with the link and FSFF will happily add it to the collection.

Film Studies For Free 'Likes'....

  1. Entertainment

  2. Museum/Art gallery

  3. Media/News/Publishing

  4. Media/News/Publishing

  5. Arts/Humanities

  6. Non-profit organisation

  7. Non-profit organisation

  8. News/Media

  9. Local business

  10. Non-profit organisation

  11. Arts/Humanities

  12. Non-profit organisation

  13. Movies/Music

  14. Arts/Humanities

  15. Arts/Humanities

  16. Non-profit organisation

  17. Non-profit organisation

  18. Community

  19. Non-profit organisation

  20. Website

  21. Actor/Director

  22. Non-profit organisation

  23. Arts/Humanities

  24. Community

  25. Public figure

  26. Government organisation

  27. Arts/Humanities

  28. Non-profit organisation

  29. Movie theatre

  30. Entertainment

  31. Non-profit organisation

  32. Website

  33. Arts/Humanities

  34. Website

  35. Arts/Humanities

  36. Museum/Art gallery

  37. Local business

  38. Magazine

  39. Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife

  40. Entertainment

  41. Entertainment

  42. Non-profit organisation

  43. Website

  44. Museum/Art gallery

  45. Non-profit organisation

  46. Education

  47. Education

  48. Public figure

  49. Movie

  50. Non-profit organisation

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