Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Journal articles on masculinity in popular cinema, and much more

Image of John Travolta as Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever (John Badham, 1977). You can read Stelios Cristodoulou's great article on this film here

Today, Film Studies For Free brings you more excellent contents from Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN, the periodical brought to you by the postgraduate network of the Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association.

The links below channel the latest two issues of the journal, including a great selection of articles on masculinity and popular culture, with some very worthwhile studies of popular cinema.

And if you like these very worthy items, you might also like to check out a previous FSFF post listing some further, great articles from this journal.

Networking Knowledge, Vol 4, No 1 (2011) on Masculinity and Popular Culture  
  • ‘"A straight heterosexual film": Masculinity, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Saturday Night Fever' by Stelios Christodoulou Abstract PDF 
  • 'Tough Guy in Drag? How the external, critical discourses surrounding Kathryn Bigelow demonstrate the wider problems of the gender question' by Rona Murray Abstract PDF
  • Interrogating Masculinity through the Child Figure in Bombay Cinema' by Siddarth Pandey Abstract PDF 
  • Deviating from the Deviant: The Masculinity of Brando in Julius Caesar (1953)' by Rachael Kelly Abstract PDF
  • '“Please Baby, take me Back”: Homo-social Bonds in the Contemporary British Biopic' by Matthew Robinson Abstract PDF
  • '"Tell me all about your new man": (Re)Constructing Masculinity in Contemporary Chick Texts' by Amy Burns Abstract PDF
  • 'Mohamed “el-Limby” Saad and the Popularization of a Masculine Code' by Koen Van Eynde Abstract PDF
  • 'Metal, Machismo and Musical Mode: How the ‘Feminine’ Phrygian Second has been Appropriated and Transformed' by Sarha Moore Abstract PDF
  • 'The Role of Lucha Libre in the Construction of Mexican Male Identity' by Javier Pereda, Patricia Murrieta-Flores Abstract PDF
  • 'Masculinity and Institutional Identity in South Cyprus - the case of I do not forget' by Stratis Andreas Efthymiou Abstract PDF

Networking Knowledge, Vol 3, No 2 (2010)  MeCCSA-PGN Conference Edition
  • 'Screen Acting and Performance Choices' by Trevor Rawlins Abstract PDF
  • 'Family Photography as a phatic construction' by Patricia Prieto Blanco Abstract PDF
  • 'UTV, The Network relationship and Reporting the "Troubles"’ by Orla Lafferty Abstract PDF
  • 'Representations of the Irish in American Vaudeville and Early Film' by Jennifer Mooney Abstract PDF
Short Papers
  • 'Public Service Broadcasting and the Public Sphere: Normative Arguments from Habermasian Theory' by Phil Ramsey Abstract PDF
  • 'Postdramatic Musicality in The Black Rider' by Markee Rambo-Hood Abstract PDF

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