Monday, 29 August 2011

'Unseen Film' Dossier from SCREEN MACHINE

Framegrab from Christian Marclay's The Clock a 24-hour compilation of time-related scenes from movies that debuted at London's White Cube gallery in 2010. Read Daniel Fairfax's great essay on this film
[...] In these five essays we explore the notion of the unseen film, and how questions of not seeing, seeing nothing (as in Dorian Stuber’s essay), writing without seeing (as in the essays by myself, Daniel Fairfax and Goda Trakumaite) or the unseen films that seen films produce (as in the essay by Josefina Garcia Pullés) allow us to pose new questions both of the cinema and of its others, the latter encapsulated in [Joseph] McBride’s scorned “something else”: the others of cinema, the thoughts it provokes, creates, distorts or obfuscates, whose pursuit may finally be of greater value than 'seeing’ [...]. - [Conall Cash, introducing the Screen Machine Dossier on Unseen Films]
A really quick little post from Film Studies For Free today to bring you tidings of some brilliantly stimulating new reading at the Melbourne-based periodical website Screen Machine - the 'Unseen Films' Dossier which FSFF heard of thanks to Brad Nguyen. Enjoy!

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