Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Tree of Links: Terrence Malick Studies

Frame grab from The New World (Terrence Malick, 2004)
For me the most powerful films are, and always will be, those of a singular gaze where the human eye can be felt, where it is allowed to go uninhibited, without question and without anyone second guessing its accuracy.

[Filmmaker Brad McGann on Malick's Days of Heaven in ‘Southern Superstition’, Take, Issue 27, Winter 2004/5, p. 19. cited by Duncan Petrie]

Film Studies For Free is off to the beach and won't be posting for a few weeks. But, dry those tears! FSFF always likes to leave its readers with something to remember it by. And this year's pre-vacation posting will hopefully do the trick. 

Below, you will find a sublime, transcendent, rare, totally indulgent, and almost religiously good list of links to online and openly accessible studies of the work of American filmmaker Terrence Malick, together with some reviews of his 2011 Palme D'Or winning opus The Tree of Life which are of scholarly interest. Scroll right down to the end for five of Matt Zoller Seitz's great video essays on Malick's work.

Don't say that FSFF doesn't love you, because, despite its occasional confusion with double-negatives, it does! Ciao!


Orkide Ünsür said...

Thanks for sharing the links! I love them. And many thanks for Film Studies For Free!.. Have a nice holiday @ the beach :-)

Sam Lockley said...

Thank you for the links, great sources of info! I look forward to future entries x

Anonymous said...

Adrian Martin wrote a nice review on The Tree of Life:

But, like many, he forgot Terrence Malick reads Goethe:

"Grey, my friend, is every theory / And green is Life’s golden tree." (Faust)