Tuesday 5 April 2011

Horror Ad-Nauseam!

Image from Pontypool (Bruce McDonald, 2009) Read Adam Nayman's essay on this 'semiotic zombie film' at ReverseShot, as well as Steen Christiansen's article linked to below.

Film Studies For Free has been somewhat stopped in its tracks by an unseasonal cold. But, sustained by its usual missionary zeal for Open Access film and moving image studies, it rises zombie-like (see above) from its sick bed to bring you news of the latest issue of excellent online journal Cinephile (Vol. 6 No. 2 Fall 2010) on ‘Horror Ad-Nauseam' (note: link to a very large PDF file, as are all the links below).

Normal FSFF service will resume on Thursday...


Anonymous said...

why do the linked pdf's automatially download? i really don't need a virus--so stop the automatic download. if i want to save the document, i'll click 'save.'

Catherine Grant said...

The PDFs are not set to download automatically, only when you click on their links. If you don't want to open them, right click on the link and then click 'save'.

I'm sorry if you've had a problem with automatic opening.

I can't guarantee that all the PDFs FSFF links to are virus free. But I can guarantee that I have opened and read each of them without problems, and that Google also regularly scans my Blogger site to check for links to malware or virus infected sites.