Thursday 13 January 2011

Double-Strength: Videos and Links in Celebration of Barbara Hammer

"I have chosen images rather than words for the act of naming myself an artist and a lesbian because the level of meanings possible for images and image conjunctions seemed richer and held more ramifications" Barbara Hammer
Film Studies For Free today presents a tribute to the remarkable American, experimental filmmaker and activist Barbara Hammer. The tribute takes the form of a listing of online videos and scholarly links to studies of Hammer's work, as well as of related queer film and politics.

Hammer is seventy-one years old, still making films and still protesting against injustice and censorship. In 2010, she published her wonderful autobiography, HAMMER! Making Movies Out of Sex and Life, which addressed her personal history and philosophies on art (see a review here).

FSFF says, "Thank you, but... keep it up, please, Barbara! Your work and activism is needed now more than ever." (This blog can be a rather greedy and merciless task-mistress at times...)


    barbara hammer said...

    Thank you for this amazing research! I wish you all at St. Andrews could come down to London for my retrospective this month (Feb. 2012) at the Tate Modern. Cheers! Barbara

    Catherine Grant said...

    Barbara, thanks so much for your comment. I run Film Studies For Free now from my base in Film Studies at the University of Sussex, and we are very near to London and so very much hoping to enjoy your most deserved retrospective at the Tate. Thanks so much for dropping by.