Saturday, 2 October 2010

125 Online Film and Moving Image Studies PhD Theses

"How will I ever find a PhD thesis in here?": images from The Name of the Rose (Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1986)

The ever industrious, but not nearly modest enough, Film Studies For Free has just published a new page to house a permanent and, thankfully, growing list of openly accessible, English-language, online PhD theses in Film and Moving Image Studies.

Like its other, jaw-droppingly essential pages, it is accessible from the FSFF contents index in the right-hand sidebar. So, hopefully you won't need a PhD to find it again in future.

It currently lists links to 125 theses on an enormous range of film and moving image studies topics, and it will be kept constantly updated as new items come to light.

Talking of which, if you know of any relevant, existing online theses that should be added to the list or, alternatively, of online research repositories that FSFF hasn't yet explored, please, please, please email FSFF.

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